Elementalist Lux

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This year, climb the ladder in your choice of competitive ranked queues. Plus, an IP boost!

The last big patch of 2016!

We’re sharing some updates about what we're doing in response to your feedback.

Here’s a snapshot of some of the stats from the 2016 World Championship.

Camille began as a simple pitch: Let's make a champ that makes you feel like an in-control badass.

Most Recent News

Patch Chat 6.24 with Playtest Team

Come chat with the Playtest Team and share your take on Patch 6.24.
14 hours ago

Elementalist Lux Community Creations

Explore each of Elementalist Lux’s forms through these beautiful art pieces created by the community!
17 hours ago

Battle for Baron final days

Demacia! Lux joins the Battle for Baron and is lighting her way into the Series 2 figure line. We can do this. Battle for Baron is ending soon.
18 hours ago

A Seriously Not Serious Guide: ASE 1v1 Tournament

If Worlds was the definitive tournament to crown the year’s best team, then this 1v1 tournament is going to crown the year’s most tryhard, diehard, and supafly hard player. This tournament goes to you, Riven mains and Yasuo mains and cocky ADC mains. Here’s a comprehensive, opinion-driven, fact-optional analysis of the bracket.
20 hours ago

uLoL Rivalry Winners

Over the past month, five iconic college rivalries went head to head in League — find out who won!
1 day ago