Like a phoenix from the ashes...U.R.F. rides again

Bard, the Wandering Caretaker

Explore League of Legends Merch

Join Nasus, Soraka, Udyr, and Nami as they celebrate a silly surprise party with colorful costumes.

During Ultra Rapid Fire mode, pick up a limited Urf figure and get a second random champ figure totally free!

The only copies of New Ultra Rapid Fire have perished, and the uploaded version has transformed.

There’s really no other event that mixes pomp and pageantry with high stakes strategic game theory.

Community developers, the challenge is on!

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The Glorious Evolution: Viktors around the world

After years outside of the competitive scene, Viktor finds his place in the mid lane
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New free champion rotation: Akali, Hecarim, Vi and more!

Greetings Summoners! Here are this week's free champions.
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Champion and skin sale: 03.31 - 04.03

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You’re cordially invited to a soirée!

When: March 32nd - Where: 1741 Lonely Lane
5 days ago

Dark Horses - Jungle Gragas

Jungle Gragas: Because your gank routine needs more rabble-rousing.
6 days ago