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Our focus returns to normal play this patch.

A look back on the unforgettable moments that defined the World Championship.

Watch Episodes 1-6 of Legends Rising Season 2.

Once, long ago, Ivern Bramblefoot was called Ivern the Cruel—that was before he tangled with a God-Willow.

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Inside the development of Mechs vs Minions

Mr Piddlesworth and Cades stop by to talk about Mechs vs Minions.
1 hour ago

Champion Insights: Ivern, the Really Swell Guy

In League, everybody is trying to kill everybody else. Despite their personalities or backstories, champs are all really on the Rift to do one thing: drain some health bars. So, what if we made a nice guy? One who, no matter where he is, just wants to do something super sweet like save all the animals? Enter Ivern, the druid with the heart of gold.
1 hour ago

Patch Rundown: Worlds 2016 Edition

Dash, Scarra, Sheepy, and Zirene have gathered to discuss the patches leading up to Worlds and how Patch 6.18 will manifest on the year’s grandest stage.
2 hours ago

Worlds Classics: The Ahri Play

Relive the unforgettable game between Kabum and Alliance through the eyes of TinOwns, who charmed his way to Brazil’s first win in League of Legends World Championship history.
2 hours ago

Compete for your uLoL club this season!

Every school gets a chance this season to duke it out against other Club or Varsity teams across NA.
4 hours ago