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Most Recent News

Patch 6.17 notes

Worlds tuning, part one. Read on for details on who’s being reined in and who’s being pushed up!
10 hours ago

Check out Yorick’s PBE Gameplay

Yorick designer Solcrushed answers your questions and shows off his updated gameplay on PBE.
10 hours ago

Champion Update: Yorick, the Shepherd of Lost Souls

Yorick has always been a practical man. He knew he'd need strength to destroy the Black Mists that corrupted the Blessed Isles, even if it meant fighting evil with evil.
10 hours ago

It’s time for August bundles!

August bundles are here for a limited time.
10 hours ago

Lock In: NA LCS Finals Icon Competition

It’s time to show your allegiance to Cloud9, Counter Logic Gaming, Immortals or TSM. Share with us how you #NALCS with your favorite team gear, sporting an esports icon on the Rift, or share your team-inspired creations including art, cosplay, and more.
11 hours ago