VS. Begins

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New Player Guide!

Play missions, craft event-exclusive loot, and help determine a victor before VS. ends.

For Ask Riot’s one-year anniversary, Ryze and Tryndamere answer your questions.

Followup for Rek’Sai, Malzahar, and Kindred, plus Support Item Updates

Play along with annotated scores for Camille, Kled, Tahm Kench, and more.

A brand new episode of Summoner Showcase!

Casters use their League knowledge to battle it out and for a chance to be crowned the winning lane.

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Champion and skin sale: 06.27 - 06.30

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It’s time for June bundles!

June bundles are here for a limited time.
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How spacing wins teamfights

Zirene breaks down how to correctly use spacing in the final fight between Immortals and Cloud9.
5 days ago

July sales schedule

Check out all the champs and skins on sale this July!
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