Grandfather's Clock

Antique clock for sale by owner. Beautiful piece somewhere between 100 and 4 zillion years old depending on what year it is now. Hands may speed up and slow down erratically. Prone to temporal detonations. Pricing depends on local currency at time of sale. Contact Zilean for details

Free Dud Munitions

Clearing out the warehouse by unloading all experimental munitions that failed live fire testing. Make great paperweights and wall ornaments. Also get a laugh at parties. As an added bonus, some dud shells may unexpectedly explode. Keep out of reach of children. Visit your local ZiggsTech emporium for more information.

Bounty Hunter for Hire

Contract the bounty hunter who always gets her man. Miss Fortune will locate and retrieve any human asset for a negotiable fee. Double up and get a second arrest for half-price.

Send Flowers

Zyra's Totally Non-Lethal Flower Delivery Service is offering reduced delivery prices on all arrangements for the next week. As an added bonus, every bouquet comes with a card along with the option to deliver a (thorns optional) hug to the addressee. We assure you all reports of rampant, unchecked growth, self-aware blossoms, or recipient fatalities are largely exaggerated.

Earn Your Degree

Looking to get ahead in today's job market? If you find yourself getting passed over for more well-qualified yordles, continue your education at the Yordle Academy of Science and Progress in Piltover. You'll earn a Bachelor's of Techmaturgy from some of Runeterra's leading experts, such as Heimerdinger, Jayce and Corki. Class sizes limited. Reserve your seat today.

Experienced Publicist Needed

Seeking experienced PR rep to improve public image in both nefarious and non-nefarious circles. Strong experience with image management for evil doers a must. Veigar will be conducting open interviews in the Bandle City catacombs Monday – Friday.