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If your website, club, PC café or garden society is the perfect setting to host an event, you’ve come to the right place. We can help get you set up with prizing, whether you’re battling online or inviting the masses to your LAN showdown. Know the Prized Events FAQ better than you know QWER? It’s time to apply for prizing. Click on the buttons below to get started.

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Player Tournament FAQ

  • How do I participate in tournaments?
  • What prizes does Riot provide to a tournament?
  • I recently placed in a tournament which qualified me for a prize and haven’t received anything. When can I expect to receive my prize? What should I do?

    Once a tournament is complete the tournament organizer must provide Riot with the information about the winners and only then can we prize you out. This ensures that players receive their prizes rightfully. If you feel like prize distribution is taking longer than it should, please contact the tournament organizer so they can reach out to us

    If you have already attempted to contact the event organizer and feel like you have run out of options, please send an email to with the following information:

    • The name of the tournament you and your team entered
    • The server your team competed on
    • The date of the tournament (when you competed)
    • Your summoner name
    • The tournament organizer name or summoner name
    • The prize you were supposed to get (example: $15 RP)
    Please allow 3 weeks for a response to your inquiry. Please do not email support or any other Riot email; they will just forward your inquiry to
  • I’ve recently played in a tournament and am dissatisfied with the organization and/or have a dispute to report. Who do I reach out to?

    We are sorry to hear you experienced any issues in the tournament. Your feedback is important to us; please email with any feedback or complaints about the tournament you recently participated in. Please also include the following information:

    • The name of the tournament you participated in
    • The server you competed on
    • The date of the tournament
    • The tournament organizer’s name or summoner name

    Note that other organizations run these tournaments, and while we will enact what change we can on our end, not every complaint sent to us will result in a change.

  • My team has a sub. Does the sub get prizes too?

    Unfortunately, subs don’t receive prizes. We only offer five prizes per team, so make sure the tournament admins know which players are starters and which are subs.

  • Can I change servers to participate in a tournament? Can Riot help?

    We encourage you to seek out tournaments on your server. If you do decide to change servers, you will be responsible for purchasing server transfers to the new server and back.

Organizer Tournament FAQ

  • Where do I submit my prized event application?

    You can apply here.

  • My server was not listed on the application page. What does this mean?

    Currently, we only support community tournaments in Brazil, Europe, North America and Oceania. We are actively working on expanding to new regions so that everyone can receive support from us. We apologize if we cannot support your tournament yet.

  • If I submit an event am I guaranteed prizing?

    We do not guarantee that every application will receive prizing. To be more likely to receive prizing you need to have information available for us and players to be able to verify.

  • What information do I need to have available when submitting my prized event application?

    You’ll need to have all your rules, competition structure such as bracket style and tournament dates ready and publicly visible on your site. You also must have a clear way for players to register for your event. If you don’t include your tournament rules with your submission and post your rules for all to see your event will be rejected.

  • What is the minimum number of teams I need to have in order to submit my prized event application?

    We require a minimum of eight participating teams for prized event submissions. We hold the right to deny prizing if a tournament cannot provide adequate proof that this requirement was fulfilled.

  • What is the maximum number of teams I can have in my prized event application?

    There is no maximum number of teams. As long as you have at least eight teams, you’re good to go. Just remember we offer a one-size-fits-all prize package.

  • How late can I submit my prized event application?

    You must submit your request at least 10 days prior to the start of your tournament. Anything earlier than that is also acceptable.

  • How do I know if Riot has approved my prized event application?

    We will send you an email either confirming or rejecting your prized event application. If rejected, we will state the reason for the rejection and you are welcome to submit your event again through the website.

  • How quickly will I know if my prized event has been accepted or rejected?

    We do our best to send a reply via email 3 weeks before your event. Due to the potential high volume of requests, please allow for some fluctuation in this time.

  • What do I get if my prized event application is accepted?

    If the tournament application was accepted, the top four teams in the tournament are given RP prizes. Tournament winners also receive tournament-exclusive Triumphant Ryze skin.

  • My tournament was accepted. Do I need to show that Riot Games is sponsoring our tournament?

    When we provide RP prizing for your tournament, we are not officially sponsoring it. Please do not display the Riot Games logo on any banners or websites. Think of the prizes we award as a bonus for helping grow and support our tournament scene.

  • My tournament is complete. How do I report the winners and give proof my event happened?

    We hook each organizer up with a unique fancy event URL in the email we send letting them know their event has been approved. So follow that link and fill it out completely to submit your results. But there is a caveat worth pointing out: we only reward prizes to players who competed in the game that won the tournament (since we verify the results submission to make sure the players listed actually played in the game).

    This gets a little tricky, so let's use an example: "Press D to Dance" has seven team members, with five listed on the main roster and two subs. The final match was a best of 3, and "Press D to Dance" won the first game. For the second, they subbed in the two bench players, and managed to overcome a rough early game to take down the tournament with a 2-0 sweep. In this example, the five players who played in game two (regardless of their role on the roster) will be awarded prizes from Riot.

    TL;DR: If you allow subs, you need to make sure that it is clear to participants that only the players who took part in the winning game will earn Riot-awarded prizes like Triumphant Ryze or RP (you can, of course, distribute any other prizes however you've previously decided).

  • Does Riot Games have a statute of limitations (time limit) for organizers to report in a list of winners for a prized event?

    Yes, the statute of limitations is 2 weeks from when your tournament ends. Failure to report your tournament results in that time frame could result in denial of prizing.

  • Can I play in the tournament I am organizing?

    Tournament organizers are not allowed to play in their own tournament to avoid a conflict of interest. Please see Riot tournament rulebook for more information.

  • I am running a LAN tournament do you have a LAN specific client we can use?

    We currently only allow LCS and Partner events access to our Tournament Realm, so please use the live client on your server.

  • Can Riot provide our tournament with swag too?

    While we would love to provide merchandise and similar prizing to tournaments, we are unable to fulfill this request due to the volume of tournament submissions we receive.