Most Recent Champion Update News

Champion Update: Sona, Maven of the Strings

With three big visual updates now tinkering, poisoning, and death-defying their way through the Rift, it’s time to take a look at the next of our coming gameplay-oriented updates!
4 weeks ago

Karthus’ Visual Update brings the death march to the masses

Karthus, born anew and searching for more souls to free, has readied his requiem and appeared on live.
2 months ago

Champion Update: The Deathsinger Rises Again

While others are bound by the shackles of death, one man embraced the yearning darkness stretching on beyond life’s boundaries. And though he chose to forgo his mortality on the lost lands of the Shadow Isles, Karthus has yet been born anew, and drifts now towards the PBE bearing new-found morbid resplendence.
3 months ago

Twitch’s update skitters into view

Twitch’s visual update has snuck out of PBE onto live!
4 months ago

Champion update: A New Breed of Plague Rat

The rumors have substance. Zaun’s toxic sewers, already responsible for creating the great Plague Rat known as Twitch, have mutated him further still. He’s been spotted – smelled, rather – cackling and scuttling towards PBE, giving horrified onlookers a first glimpse at contemporary pestilence.
4 months ago

Heimerdinger visual update out of the lab!

A good long tinker with the ‘Dinger yielded some epic upgrades.
5 months ago

Lab Report: Reinventing the revered inventor

Updating a champion like Heimerdinger requires all the rigor of the scientific method. Given his upcoming PBE launch, more and more evidence from the experimentation is surfacing.
6 months ago

Visual Update: Nasus, the Curator of the Sands

Nasus stands guardian anew, the sand shaken from his armor, his visual update complete.
9 months ago

Sivir, the Battle Mistress relaunch available now

Featuring improved fidelity and readability in game, Sivir's relaunch arrives on battlefields across Runeterra wielding her newly re-emphasized boomerang blade to accompany creative updates as well as a kit rework.
10 months ago

Visual Upgrade: Garen, the Might of Demacia

Demacia's favorite son is brushing off some of the dust and scars of so many battles and coming into new focus with a complete visual upgrade.
11 months ago