Most Recent Champion Update News

Champion Update: Kassadin

Kassadin’s all gussied up and about ready to Riftwalk out of the champion update workshop! Read on for details.
2 weeks ago

Tristana update rocket jumps onto live!

After a brief stint on the PBE, Tristana’s ready to rocket onto Summoner’s Rift and show off her update, featuring a pretty explosively charged ability.
2 months ago

Champion Update: Alistar

The champion update guys had a closer look at Alistar and decided it was time for a brush up! We’ve just finished shampooing and shearing, clipping and steering him through the champ-up workshop, and he’s finally ready to stampede with style.
2 months ago

Champion Update: Tristana

After a pretty hefty update, Tristana’s getting ready to rocket jump back out of the champion update workshop! Read on for the details.
2 months ago

Champion Update: Maokai

Maokai’s the latest champ to go into the champion update workshop, and has come out the other end with some fancy new bark to wear on all of his skins! Read on for the details.
4 months ago

Dev Blog: Champion Updates

Join Fruity Sebbles for a look at how we approach champion updates and a peek at some of our current projects.
4 months ago

Champion Update: Singed

We’ve got a few relatively smaller champion updates coming out in the wake of Sion’s grand arrival. First up is Singed, who’s come tearing out of the Champion Update workshop with a new model, updated textures for all of his skins, and a few small gameplay tweaks.
4 months ago

Dev Blog: Reimagining Sion

With a completely new kit, story, look and voice, Sion presented the Champion Update team with their greatest challenge to date. Read on to find out how we went about turning Noxus’s greatest Arnie impersonator into a battletorn juggernaut.
6 months ago

Champion Update: Viktor, the Machine Herald

Proving it’s not just League’s exoskeletal beings that can evolve, we’re pushing a retooled Viktor through the Champion Update pipeline and onto live. We’ve given him a fresh coat of paint, updated most of his abilities, and completely changed how his passive and Hex Core work - here are the details of Viktor’s glorious evolution!
6 months ago

Champion Update: Soraka, the Starchild

Two years after brushing up her visuals, we’re taking a second look at the goatiest of champions, Soraka! This time the Champion Update team’s focusing on her gameplay, so while her bananas stay the same, she has a couple of new abilities, and some tweaks to others. Read on for the full rundown!
6 months ago