Most Recent Skin Release News

Master Arcanist Ziggs casts power word boom

For centuries, the guild stood as a shining beacon of magical progress.
2 months ago

A dark path, Forsaken Jayce does tread

The Forsaken are the power of the Order.
2 months ago

Change it up with Chroma Packs

Express your style and personality in League of Legends with Chroma Packs. Where champion skins offer alternate fantasies from a champion’s base thematic, chroma packs serve up new ways to personalize specific champs or skins. As a reimagining of the original color scheme, chroma packs help you make your favorite champs or skins your own.
2 months ago

Risen Fiddlesticks bursts from his tomb

The sands rise at his command. The guardians fall to his power.
2 months ago

Samsung White skins launching soon

After the championship run by Samsung White at the 2014 World Championship, Riot Games honors them with the skins of signature champions that helped them win the title.
2 months ago

The Guardians of the Sands stand watch

Deep in the sands lies a mysterious temple from a ruined kingdom. Deep in that temple lies a tomb burnished with mystic runes and emerald scarabs. Deep in that tomb lies an ancient being of extraordinary and treacherous power.
2 months ago

Arclight Vayne strikes down the unworthy

True warriors dream of testing their skills against her divine power.
2 months ago

Debonair Galio doesn’t always go mid lane...

The Most Interesting Gargoyle-like Construct in the World.
2 months ago

Omega Squad Teemo once lived by a code

Sight, shoot, reload.
2 months ago

The Curse of the Sad Surprise Party

A suite of silly skins is available now in celebration of April Fools. Join Nasus, Soraka, Udyr, and Nami at someone’s (no one is sure whose) surprise party with colorful costumes and more than a few in-jokes.
3 months ago