Most Recent Skin Release News

Secret Agent Xin Zhao wields cutting-edge spy gear

Equipped with the latest in communications technology and palmprint identification software, the Mark-VII is a repository of sophisticated tools and gadgets for the modern day secret agent.
5 months ago

DJ Sona takes the stage!

DJ Sona’s kicking off her show, mesmerizing the crowd with high-energy Kinetic beats, hard-hitting Concussive rhythms, and atmospheric Ethereal vibes.
6 months ago

Burn the dark with the Dragonslayer Poro Ward Skin

This brave little poro is fighting back against the onslaught of aerial assault alongside the other Dragonslayers. With his vigilance, you’ll never be surprised again whether it’s an impromptu dance of dragons or a sneaky attempted gank. Rise up against the dragon horde with the Dragonslayer Poro Ward Skin available now until 23:59 PST on February 27 for 640RP.
6 months ago

Wardens against Marauders in neverending battle

One side razes everything just for fun. The other side obliterates entire nations to uphold the law. Unfortunately, there’s no third side.
6 months ago

Show your love with Valentine’s Day skins

Health pots are red, Frostfangs are blue...
6 months ago

The Glorious Evolution Battlecast Poro Ward Skin!

Poros were merely the field mice of the Freljord before Viktor’s potent augmentations. With the sight-granting power of these mechanized menaces, the Battlecast army will rise. Now the Glorious Evolution is truly unstoppable. You can add it to your arsenal until 23:59 PST on February 13th for 640RP. Evolve your vision with the Battlecast Poro Ward Skin!
6 months ago

Purify all you survey with Arclight Vel’Koz

One eye, piercingly blue, coolly stares from behind Arclight armor. A man cowers before it.
7 months ago

El Tigre Braum powerbombs into League

He’s the greatest luchador ever to enter the ring.
7 months ago

Challenger Ahri rushes into the 2015 season!

Let the competition begin.
7 months ago

Elise and Thresh don the Blood Moon mask

Power courses through their veins as masks materialize in their hands.
7 months ago