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Helmet Bro: Velkoz’d

12 hours ago

/ALL Chat Crashes YouTube Lab

LilyPichu gets thrown off a balcony, Scarizard works in a bathroom stall, and everyone loses their minds a little bit. Join Xell and Sam for an inside look at the YouTube Lab!
1 day ago

Ask Riot how we’ve made Events out of Ranked 3’s

You decided to Ask Riot: What’s the story with the new client? Will we ever see another big event like Bilgewater: Burning Tides? What’s the future of ranked 3’s?
2 days ago

Thresh: Making a Monster

We teamed up a community cosplayer with a professional prop maker to turn everyone’s favorite chain warden into a towering real-life monster! Here are some behind-the-scenes looks at the creation and performance of the thirteen foot tall Thresh puppet that debuted at PAX East.
5 days ago

Inside Ryze Dev with RiotRepertoir and more!

Ryze’s developers share the behind-the- scenes story on updating the Rune Mage.
1 week ago

/ALL Chat | Adagio, Summoner!

Sona Sona Sona Sona Sona Sona Sona!!!
1 week ago

Ask Riot: Haz keys, no haz bugs please?

Read Ask Riot for answers on: How does the key fragment drop rate work? Skin bugs, why? Where did all the all-around champions go?
1 week ago

/ALL Chat | Anime Expo Vlog ft. Jimmy Wong & Xell!

Jimmy and Xell go on an Anime Expo adventure and meet up with Lilypichu, Dyrus, Nips, and more!
2 weeks ago


Open the box. Read the instructions. Be Bard.
3 weeks ago

Ask Riot How You Get That S+ on Urgot

Read Ask Riot for your answers to these questions: What makes Urgot so tough to update? How is Champ Mastery determined? And Will you ever “finish” League of Legends?
3 weeks ago