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Lists of Legends: Champion Teasers

There are a few champion teasers you might’ve missed. Here are eight.
9 hours ago

Big Plays Spotlight: The Fearless Flank

In a beautifully executed wombo combo, a ranked 5s team aces the enemy in under five seconds.
6 days ago

Lists of Legends: 12 iconic in-game moments

Because we all know the pain of forgetting to Zhonya’s.
1 week ago

Read Statikk's answers from his Q&A!

Statikk popped into the boards to respond to community questions for a couple of hours. Read the live balance designer's answers from his Q&A now!
1 week ago

Join Statikk for a Q&A on Monday, July 21

Continuing our series of Q&As with design-team members. Join Statikk, live balance designer and the mind behind the Sivir, Evelynn and Kassadin reworks, for a Q&A, Monday, July 21.
1 week ago

Big Plays Spotlight: Nami Tsunami

Watch as a perfect wave and bubble turn the tide of battle
1 week ago

The Best Song Parodies from the League Community

There is a fed-Teemo's-gold-stash worth of did-I-just-hear-that talent to be mined from YouTube. We picked six.
2 weeks ago

Read the rundown of Meddler's Q&A

As part of the next phase of the community beta, we’re celebrating with a series of Q&As with design-team members. Meddler, the designer of Syndra, Lissandra, Varus & Ziggs joined the new boards to talk champion design. Read his answers now!
2 weeks ago

Big Plays Spotlight: Big Flays

Putting his mechanics to work with a pair of Flays, Synasor proves that supports deserve a lot more love for their big plays.
2 weeks ago

Big Plays Spotlight: The Wrath of Zed

Deep in enemy territory, Zed shows us he’s one of the only champions who can win two duels simultaneously over a wall.
3 weeks ago