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Dark Horses - Jungle Gragas

Jungle Gragas: Because your gank routine needs more rabble-rousing.
2 days ago

/ALL Chat – MaTTcom from CLG, shots fired

CLG’s general manager MaTTcom stops by, 3-D printed Cho’Gath, and a Jinx Zap! pistol that shoots real lasers on this week’s /ALL Chat! Let us know what you think!
1 week ago

PAX East cosplay!

League cosplayers were out in full force this month at PAX East in Boston!
1 week ago

Awesome Bard fan art!

The Wandering Caretaker’s arrival has triggered a cosmic amount of community creations!
1 week ago

Champion Mastery Q&A 3/13

Dive into the Champion Mastery Q&A, hosted by the Rioters who created it!
2 weeks ago

Champion Mastery Q&A coming 3/13

The team behind Champion Mastery will host a Q&A session at 1 PM PDT on 3/13! Come along if you have questions about the system’s creation, features, or future!
2 weeks ago

/ALL Chat – LUNITY is here!

On this episode of /ALL Chat, we’ve got DJ Sona creations, genderbend Ziggs cosplay, an interview with Lunity, and a discussion about prepping for your first ranked games.
3 weeks ago

Bard Q&A 3/6

Check out Bard’s Q&A for information on the Wandering Caretaker’s story, design and background!
3 weeks ago

Bard Q&A coming 3/6

The team behind Bard’s cosmic creation have agreed to leave the Wandering Caretaker to his devices while they host a Q&A session at 11 AM PST on 3/6! If you’re looking for details on Bard’s sound, story or design, come along with your questions.
3 weeks ago

Your best champion impressions

What happens when you ask the League community to share their best champion impressions? You get a group of Demacian doppelgangers that would make LeBlanc jealous! Check out some of our favorites below.
3 weeks ago