Most Recent Community Events News

The Riftwalk returns for NA Summer Finals

Join us in Toronto for the League Community Expo taking place during NA LCS Summer Finals.
7 months ago

League at PAX East - Download the Minimap!

Use the app at PAX to find friends, complete quests, win swag, and more!
9 months ago

League returns to PAX East

League is headed to PAX East 2016, where we’ll debut a traveling exhibit celebrating the League community.
11 months ago

Tribeca Games Showcases League

Tribeca Games invited Riot to showcase the creative process behind League of Legends.
1 year ago

League community events around the world

Check out some photos from League of Legends community events across the globe.
1 year ago

Bilgewater Boarding Parties drop anchor!

Bilgewater Boarding Parties are taking place in regions around the world. Register for an online or real-world event happening near you!
1 year ago

Cosplayers, the Pool Party challenge is here!

Team up and get the pool party started right. Take a dynamic, splash-art inspired photo where it looks like everyone’s just been caught in the middle of having an epic pool party. Recipe for killer cosplay: just add water!
1 year ago

Community tournament support levels up

We’re releasing an update to the Community Events pages today that makes community tournaments easier to create, easier to find and easier to run. What’s changing? Pretty much on to learn more!
1 year ago

Cosplayers, pair up and decide: are you friends or foes?

For the next cosplay roundup, we want to see you bring champion relationships to life, either in friendship or faceoff. Maybe it’s Azir confronting his once-trusted advisor Xerath over his betrayal. Or Ashe and Tryndamere sharing a meaningful gaze seconds before they charge into battle. We can’t wait to see your cosplay group shots!
1 year ago

Cosplayers, start your sewing machines!

Thread those sewing needles and plug in your hot-glue gun; here’s a sneak peek at the upcoming cosplay round-ups for 2015!
1 year ago