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The Dunktown Express

The backboard is broken. The hoop is a shredded pile of burning rope. Craters dot the arena as Dunkmaster Darius stands before a panel of journalists and answers the all-important question: What’s your secret? The world may not survive his answer.
2 days ago

/ALL Chat | Minecraft Shurima

Shurima built in Minecraft, Mundo body paint, Vensy’s Arcade Miss Fortune cosplay and more on /ALL Chat!
1 week ago

Fan Artist Feature: Rin The Yordle

For our first Fan Artists Feature we’ll be speaking with Rin, a seasoned community artist who’s created an awesome Yordle OC, and regularly streams on Twitch!
1 week ago

URFtastic community creations

Fan art that makes a splash!
1 week ago

Share Your Best URF Moments

URF may be over, but our favorite manatee’s spirit remains in our memories.
1 week ago

/ALL Chat | URFtacular!

Dive deep into the story of everyone’s favorite manatee.
2 weeks ago

Interview with Surrender@20's Moobeat!

Want to know what it takes to cover the League of Legends news beat? Find out in this interview with Surrender@20 fansite editor Zachary "Moobeat" Day.
2 weeks ago

/ALL Chat – Best Azir NA

Emperor-worthy Azir cosplay, 44,000 League dominoes, Leagueboy from Vine, and chatting with the enemy on /ALL Chat!
3 weeks ago

/ALL Chat – MaTTcom from CLG, shots fired

CLG’s general manager MaTTcom stops by, 3-D printed Cho’Gath, and a Jinx Zap! pistol that shoots real lasers on this week’s /ALL Chat! Let us know what you think!
1 month ago

PAX East cosplay!

League cosplayers were out in full force this month at PAX East in Boston!
1 month ago