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Who do you Pick-Ban-Instalock?

Lee Sin, Rek’sai, Shyvana: who do you pick, ban, and instalock?
17 hours ago

We /reply to your /ALL Chat comments

Is the set getting smaller? Where are all the hosts? Is Dash the worst jungle Sona?
3 days ago


Everybody poops! Champions are no exception…
1 week ago

/ALL Chat | Will It Jungle? Ft Vayne

Vayne may be able to Jungle but can Dash jungle Vayne?
1 week ago

Kled’s Immortal Skaarl

What happens when you gorge Skaarl on an Olympian diet of health and armor?
1 week ago

Kled community creations

Chaaaaaaaarge into battle and enjoy the mayhem of the Cantankerous Cavalier (and Skaarl) in these awesome fan art pieces!
1 week ago

The Emman behind The Summoners Orchestra

Learn more about the guy who organized a great League-themed musical performance for SummonersCon!
1 week ago

Live/Play debut and Q&A

Join us on Twitch for the debut of Live/Play, a miniseries exploring stories from the League community.
1 week ago

Lights, camera, League!

At the 2016 YouTube Creator Lab League YouTubers and streamers from around the world teamed-up to make masterpieces.
1 week ago

Riot Interns AMA on the League subreddit

Head over to the sub and ask the 2016 Riot interns all your questions about their internship experience.
1 week ago