Most Recent Community Spotlight News

/ALL Chat | Are You TOO Competitive?

How far will you go to win?
6 days ago

ADC Teamfight Positioning 101

Phylol demonstrates how to read a teamfight and position yourself to win.
1 week ago

RedMercy Tests PBE Kindred

Get ready for Patch 5.19 with RedMercy’s gameplay commentary on Jungle Kindred.
1 week ago

Come chat with Lomar!

Between Two Turrets is a Q&A series connecting you with various Rioters - this week, we’ve got head of Live Support (and voice of Brolaf) Lomar!
2 weeks ago

The artists behind League Facebook Stickers

Oskar, Sade, and Nips talk about their art styles, their favorite champs, and the League community!
2 weeks ago

PROJECT community creations!

2 weeks ago

/ALL Chat | How To Kill Teemo pt. 2

Teemo dies a triumphant death.
2 weeks ago

Summer lives on in the Pool Party cosplay gallery!

Enemies on the Rift, friends around the pool! These cosplayers threw parties to show what their favorite champions get up to during the summer season.
3 weeks ago

Community Patch Recap – 5.17

Learn more about the Patch 5.17 changes with these community created TL;DRs.
4 weeks ago