Most Recent Community Spotlight News

Big Plays: Why Yasuo Never Sleeps

With godlike reflexes, Yasuo denies a potentially fatal Ashe arrow.
2 days ago

Playtime with Gnar

We teamed up with community artist Rachel J Corey to create an adorable Gnar comic!
2 weeks ago

Big Plays: Galio’s Tower of Terror

Capitalizing on the enemy team’s mistakes, Galio sets up a devastating AOE wombo combo.
2 weeks ago

Arcade community creations roundup

Check out our favorite Arcade cosplay, crafts, and art!
3 weeks ago

Big Plays Spotlight: Mini Gnar Mega Dive

Gnar manages his Rage with precision, tower diving Katarina with a clutch, calculated transformation.
3 weeks ago

Big Plays Spotlight: Leona’s Last Stand

This is why you never dive a vengeful Leona in high Diamond I.
1 month ago

10 Themed Team Comps to Try in Team Builder

Team Builder is the perfect queue to play the champ you want, in the role you prefer, and do it as part of a team that’s all on board with your strategy. With that in mind, here are a few community-favorite compositions you might not have seen before, along with a couple of our own quirky takes on the traditional metagame.
1 month ago

Gnar community creations roundup

Check out our favorite Gnar fanart, comics, cosplay, and crafts.
1 month ago

Big Plays Spotlight: Caitlyn’s Sidestep Snipe

Flirting with death, Caitlyn outplays Lee Sin with a creative mid-ult Flash dodge.
1 month ago

Lists of Legends: More Champ Teasers

From Orianna to Nami, we released a number of official teaser pieces that tended to be a little more static than recent examples. And with Gnar’s sleek new motion graphic breaking the ice of a still image, we thought it was fitting to share a collection of a ton of teaser art in one place.
1 month ago