Most Recent Community Spotlight News

Happy Holidays!

Holiday and Christmas-themed creations on Summoner Showcase!
1 month ago

Aurelion Sol: Cosmic Drift

We can’t be in traffic. He’s a celestial dragon.
2 months ago

Make your own poro snax!

Treat yourself and friends this Snowdown by making your own poro snax. Recipe courtesy of the Royal Poro Snax Factory.
2 months ago

Fan Artist Spotlight: InstantIP

“Referencing the work of others and applying it is what I believe is essential in getting better at your craft.”
2 months ago

/ALL Chat | Holiday Cosplay Shoot

Streamer Paperbat, villainous Soraka, and we visit a holiday cosplay photoshoot!
2 months ago

Faker Wins /ALL Star Chat

All Chat heads to the All Star Event in Barcelona for the first ever All Star Chat! Our heroes team up with Faker, Uzi, and more in some VERY SERIOUS competitive challenges. Mithy has NO idea how to draw Kha'Zix, Bjergsen does the Nunu dance, and Doublelift really needs to play more Fiddlesticks!
2 months ago

Camille Community Creations

With Camille’s release, we’re celebrating some of the awesome community creations inspired by the Steel Shadow.
2 months ago

Fan Artist Feature: Danielle Beaulieu

Next we have an artist who’s been cosplaying for over ten years, and has worked on more than fifteen League costumes, including Elementalist Lux!
2 months ago

Elementalist Lux cosplay showcase

Cosplayers across the globe teamed up to tackle all ten of Elementalist Lux’s forms. Check it out here!
2 months ago

Inside Camille development

Riot Jag, Hdot, and Thermal Kitten share the behind-the-scenes story on the development of Camille.
2 months ago