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Riot Games API Challenge 2016

It’s that time of the year; the API Challenge is upon us! If you didn’t catch the last API Challenge, it was focused on three categories: Black Market Brawlers, Ability Power Item Changes, and Item Sets. We’re back again with a new prompt and more prizes. The community developers have not disappointed and we’re excited to see what they come up with next.
1 week ago

Riot Games API Challenge 2.0 Winners!

We gave developers three prompts based on Black Market Brawler games, Ability Power Item Changes, and in-game Item Sets. Check out the winners of the Riot Games API Challenge 2.0!
7 months ago

Riot Games API Challenge 2.0

In April, we hosted our first API Challenge not knowing what to expect from the developer community. It’s safe to say we were blown away by the submissions we received. Our last winner, microtony (NA), broke down the differences between URF games and Normal games with his submission; URF Play Styles. We’re back again with another API Challenge, and we can’t wait to see what developers create this time!
8 months ago

Riot Games API Challenge Winners!

We asked developers to create something cool with the data they gathered from URF and they didn’t disappoint. Check out the winners of the Riot Games API Challenge!
11 months ago

Riot Games API Challenge

It’s been a little over a year since the release of the Riot Games API, and since then there’s been a lot of great stuff that we’ve seen from the community. We’re continually excited to see all the new creations that you guys put together, so in an effort to have a little fun and strengthen the developer community we’re happy to present our first API Challenge.
1 year ago

League-o’-Lantern contest winners!

Set aside your Doran’s Blades and blow out your candles because it’s time to check out the winners of the League-o’-Lantern Halloween contest!
1 year ago

Fanart Face Off Contest Winners

Check out the winners of the Fanart Face Off Contest!
1 year ago

Face off in our fanart contest!

Put your artistic skills to the test in our League of Legends Fanart Face Off contest. Create an original piece of art—drawn, painted, or in any other two-dimensional format—that depicts two or more champions in the midst of a heated battle.
1 year ago

Announcing winners of Sunday Morning LoLz contest

After the exhausting effort of letting a computer calculate the vote totals for us, we’re ready to announce the winners of our Sunday Morning LoLz comic contest! Thanks to everyone who submitted their work, and many thanks to the community who came out to support the artists with their votes.
2 years ago

Sunday Morning LoLz Contest Voting

Voting for the Sunday Morning LoLz comic contest is now open! Anyone is eligible to vote, and we’re looking forward to seeing comic creators sharing their entries all over social media! Promote your work, spread the word and get out and vote.
2 years ago