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League-o’-Lantern contest winners!

Set aside your Doran’s Blades and blow out your candles because it’s time to check out the winners of the League-o’-Lantern Halloween contest!
5 months ago

Fanart Face Off Contest Winners

Check out the winners of the Fanart Face Off Contest!
6 months ago

Face off in our fanart contest!

Put your artistic skills to the test in our League of Legends Fanart Face Off contest. Create an original piece of art—drawn, painted, or in any other two-dimensional format—that depicts two or more champions in the midst of a heated battle.
6 months ago

Announcing winners of Sunday Morning LoLz contest

After the exhausting effort of letting a computer calculate the vote totals for us, we’re ready to announce the winners of our Sunday Morning LoLz comic contest! Thanks to everyone who submitted their work, and many thanks to the community who came out to support the artists with their votes.
1 year ago

Sunday Morning LoLz Contest Voting

Voting for the Sunday Morning LoLz comic contest is now open! Anyone is eligible to vote, and we’re looking forward to seeing comic creators sharing their entries all over social media! Promote your work, spread the word and get out and vote.
1 year ago

Sunday Morning LoLz Contest Update

Calling for more LoLz! We’ve been laughing and lauding, giggling and guffawing over all the comic cleverness submitted so far, but you’ve raised some great questions and we’re updating the contest based on your feedback!
1 year ago

Announcing the Sunday Morning LoLz Contest

Some of our best weeks of 2013 began cuddling up with a plush Tibbers, cup of coffee and the newest Sunday Morning LoLz. Stuffed pillows and caffeine-dispensers have been acquired, so this contest is the flashing light in the sky begging for more laughs from you!
1 year ago

New Year's Masks Contest community winners!

Check out the amazing New Year masks and vote for your favorite!
1 year ago

Teem-O'-lantern Halloween Contest

Break out your best set of Mundo-style cleavers and carve your way to every Harrowing skin ever created. This year, we’re celebrating Halloween with a League of Legends twist: pumpkins with images of your favorite League content.
1 year ago

My team video contest: we have a winner

Congratulations to the winner of the My Team video contest! The votes are in and you the community decided Will-full Dreamers and their team deserved the trip to the World Championship final at the Staples Center. Thanks so much for sharing your stories and votes.
1 year ago