Most Recent Community News

Big Plays Spotlight: Raid boss Renekton

Equipped with only a Hydra, Renekton fearlessly dives into the dragon pit and walks away with a pure 1v5 pentakill!
2 months ago

The beginnings of League’s first varsity team

For the first time ever, a North American university is officially adding League of Legends to its athletic program and building a team to compete in next year’s North American Collegiate Championship!
3 months ago

Big Plays Spotlight: Flashy mindgames

These clips feature Diamond 1 player hi im gosu as he uses the same Flash juke twice against the same team. Watch him mindgame the enemy, even baiting an ult and Flash as a reward for his creativity.
3 months ago

Check out the Pentakill Q&A!

The Rioters behind Pentakill have finished their Q&A session. Check out the chat here!
3 months ago

The Pentakill Q&A rocks out on 6.12

The team behind Pentakill has agreed to unplug their guitars and down their hitty-sticks for a Q&A session on 6.12!
3 months ago

One for All’s top community plays

Over the past week, the Howling Abyss has been chock full of knockups, death lasers, superults, permastuns, and megaslows. While you’re still recovering from the chaos, check out some of our favorite One for All combos!
3 months ago

Big Plays Spotlight: WOMBO COMBO

This clip from Diamond 1 solo queue features a good, old-fashioned wombo combo. Watch as a well-coordinated team baits their enemy and exploits a small window of opportunity to layer their ultimates flawlessly!
3 months ago

Big Plays Spotlight: Lee Sin’s 1v2 outplay

EnjaWve, a Diamond 1 player, reaps his reward, thwarting a potentially lethal Hecarim ult while mid-Sonic Wave with a nasty Flash juke.
3 months ago

Big Plays Spotlight: LeBlanc’s Dangerous Game

With the scent of death upon her, LeBlanc plays a Dangerous Game to outplay the enemy in a surprising turnaround.
3 months ago

Hatching a Protatomonster

Some monsters live in dreams, summoned into the ordinary world by an errant wish or a stray lightning storm. Others spawn in dark, malevolent pits or Hollywood producers’ imaginations. It’s safe to say that far fewer come together at family weddings.
3 months ago