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Voting open for July 4 and Canada Day Art Contest

You rocked the red, white and (sometimes) blue in the July 4 and Canada Day art contest. Your submissions were great, but now it’s time to do your civic duty and vote.
9 months ago

Collegiate Game Changers: Georgia Tech

Known as Georgia Tech League of Legends, this collegiate organization has grown a massive community both in the university and around their region through collaboration with local schools, annual conventions and a home-grown national shoutcasting community.
9 months ago

Featured Streamer: Former MRN pro Heartbeat

Heartbeat is a pro that played AD carry, support and mid lane for Team MRN in the Spring Split of Season 3. Given his versatility, tournament experience and deep knowledge of the game, Heartbeat makes a great stream for players looking to step up their theory crafting and game knowledge.
9 months ago

Sculptacular : Summoner Showcase #109

Stacked with a bountiful bevy of brilliant fan creations, it's time to show off even more creative community talent. Featuring carefully composed statuary of all sorts including Amumu, Twitch, Elise and more, hit play to dive in to this sculptacular edition of the Summoner Showcase!
9 months ago

Collegiate Game Changers: UBC

The UBC Esports Association calls Vancouver home and embodies the city’s friendly and welcoming culture brilliantly this year with a blend of eager leadership and a variety of engagement options for players of any skill level.
9 months ago

Collegiate Game Changers – UC Irvine

UC Irvine have built a dynasty of League of Legends Esports excellence with three consecutive national titles. The team’s true strength, though, is anchored in their secret weapon: Their school’s passionate and growing League of Legends community.
9 months ago

Collegiate Game Changers – Ohio State

Ohio State’s League of Legends community aims to help the next generation of players succeed on the Fields of Justice and off. The Esports Initiative and BuckeyeLAN lead the charge in different ways, but the goal remains the same.
9 months ago

July 4th and Canada Day Art Contest

To celebrate both Canada Day and Independence Day, we're launching an art contest that asks the intriguing question: how might champions celebrate if they were Canucks or Americans? We've teamed up with MaTTcom for some inspiration.
9 months ago

Ink Attack: Summoner Showcase #108

This showcase is packed with permanent ink and a bevy of balloons, to some of the best Draven cosplay you've seen yet. Oh, and art? Yeah, we got art. What are you waiting for? For some of the coolest community creations yet, hit play!
9 months ago

Poromania: Summoner Showcase #107

No one is safe from the whimsical charms of our frozen tormentors, the poros. Their distilled adorability has taken the community by storm and when that happens, the arts follow.
10 months ago