Most Recent Community News

Big Plays: A Sinister Trap

A Master-tier player manipulates Katarina’s resets to bait the enemy and help her team net three kills.
4 months ago

League-o’-Lantern contest winners!

Set aside your Doran’s Blades and blow out your candles because it’s time to check out the winners of the League-o’-Lantern Halloween contest!
5 months ago

Big Plays: Riven & Syndra’s Smackdown

Two Challenger players team up for a shot at redemption.
5 months ago

eCommerce Q&A

Ever wonder what eCommerce does at Riot? Come check out the eCommerce Q&A session!
5 months ago

Shurima community creations roundup

Check out a handful of glorious Shurima art, cosplay, and crafts!
5 months ago

More playtime with Gnar

Gnar hasn’t caused nearly enough mischief, so Rachel J Corey is back for another round of adorable Gnar comics.
5 months ago

Sion Q&A

Looking to learn more about the hulking war machine thundering around on PBE? Come check out Sion’s Q&A session!
5 months ago

Sion Q&A on 9/30

The Champion Update team’s taking a break from prepping Sion for war so they can host an upcoming Sion Q&A session on 9/30! If you have questions about how we turned the big green Arnie impersonator into a hulking Noxian colossus, come along and ask away!
5 months ago

Azir survival guide

Azir’s on free rotation this week. Conquer the Rift with this collection of guides, tips, and tricks!
5 months ago

Fanart Face Off Contest Winners

Check out the winners of the Fanart Face Off Contest!
6 months ago