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Worlds Rising: A look back at the Season 1 Championship

As the 2014 Season ends, some of League's veteran contenders look back on a very different Worlds.
2 months ago

Thresh hooks heard around the World

We look at the hooks so powerful that they changed the entire course of human history. Probably.
2 months ago

The surprising esports culture of Korea

Korea is widely known as the esports capital of the world, but what does that mean for the fans who live there? As it turns out, the average Korean esports fan’s world isn’t what you’d expect.
2 months ago

Breaking down Group D

The Group stage for the 2014 World Championship has been locked in, but who are the teams competing and how will they do against one another? We take a deep-dive into how Alliance, Cloud9, NaJin White Shield, and Kabum may fare against one another.
2 months ago

Taiwan esports: How the “Silicon Island” fosters champions

Taiwan has produced many of the greatest esports champions, including the League of Legends Season 2 World Champions. We dig into what it is about Taiwanese culture that fosters the growth of some of its most dominant players.
3 months ago

Worlds Pick'em

Compete against your friends in the ultimate Worlds Pick'em. Can you predict the winner?
3 months ago

Road to Worlds: Road to Seoul

Time is ticking, Worlds is around the corner. Watch the final chapter here.
3 months ago

NA LCS Regionals Survival Guide

Need to brush up on the North American Region going into the World Championships?
4 months ago

The Recap: North American LCS Week 1

The North American LCS Summer Split had North America looking more like Europe, with top teams falling to newcomers, epic, drag-down games, and surprising results.
6 months ago

2014 All-Star Challenge Game Mode Voting is now Live

Game Mode voting for the 2014 All-Star event is now live. Don't miss your opportunity to cast your votes to influence the exciting new All-Star Challenge. Click here for details!
8 months ago