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Power Rankings - 3/24/2015

As teams gear up for the Playoffs, teams make their case for being among the world's elite teams.
4 days ago

Nautilus Anchors the Bot Lane

The Titan of the Depths makes his way to the bottom lane.
6 days ago

Power Rankings - IEM Katowice aftermath

IEM Katowice cracked our international rankings wide open. What can we expect in coming weeks as we head to Playoffs and the Mid-Season Invitational?
1 week ago

Kennen lights up the top lane

Lightning is rushing through the top lane as Kennen makes a comeback in the LCS. What makes this tiny ninja tick, and how can you use it to secure wins for your team?
1 week ago

NACC Spotlight - The West

Spotlight of the West - one of the four regions participating in the NACC Finals!
2 weeks ago

Power Rankings - IEM Katowice 2015

We take a break from our usual global rankings to bring you a special IEM Katowice edition of Power Rankings.
2 weeks ago

Quas’ top lane Morgana brings them pain

Lolesports chats with Quas about what top lane Morgana brings to Team Liquid’s team comps.
2 weeks ago

Community of Champions: UBC collegiate esports

Get a behind-the-scenes look at how passionate students organized a 2000-person esports club.
3 weeks ago

Catch Imagine Dragons this week on PTL & the LCS!

"Warriors" artists Imagine Dragons will perform special acoustic versions of 2014 World Championship anthem and "Shots."
1 month ago


FORG1VENGRE's brutal honesty and outspoken personality have made him one of the most beloved, and sometimes hated, personalities in professional league.
1 month ago