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Daily Recap: Edward Gaming

Given their expectations coming into the tournament, it's easy to understand why EDG isn't pleased.
25 min ago

Daily Recap: Flash Wolves

It's hard to draw too many conclusion from one Group, but it's clear the LMS teams are the real deal.
1 day ago

The moments that made Worlds: Part 1

There are some moments that you walk away from remembering forever. Throughout Worlds, we'll be re-visiting some of our favorite moments from past World Championships and discussing what made them so special.
3 days ago

NACC Open Qualifier Registration

Register your team for the College Championship Qualifier!
3 days ago

The Final Fight – Season 1 Champ Fnatic

Later this month, a new champion will hoist the Summoner’s Cup. We asked previous World Champions to describe the feeling at the exact moment when they knew they’d won it all, starting with Fnatic’s xPeke.
4 days ago

Flash Wolves salute Gangplank

In the second massive upset of Day 2, Taiwan's Flash Wolves toppled Korea's KOO Tigers in convincing fashion.
6 days ago

EDG says no surprises vs. H2K

EDG’s meiko and Clearlove say they had H2K pegged, but still room to improve in their own play.
1 week ago

KT plays methodical vs. TSM

The opening game of Day 2 went about as you'd expect between these two teams -- low kill counts, good vision control, and the sure-fire strategy for international tournaments: camp Dyrus.
1 week ago

Watch this week’s PrimeTime League

The Group Stage starts in Paris.
1 week ago

Top 20 Players at Worlds - #2 & #1

This LPL ADC and LCK mid come in at No. 2 and No. 1 on our list of the Top 20 players competing in the 2015 World Championship.
1 week ago