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NA Spring Finals is going to Vancouver, BC

Spring Split ends here. NA Spring Finals weekend is heading to the Pacific Coliseum in Vancouver, BC on April 22-23.
5 hours ago

Legends Rising Season 2: Episode 7 - Worlds

Relive the drama of the 2016 World Championship through the eyes of five of the world’s best pros. For Smeb and ROX tigers a fabled match-up with arch rival SKT does not go as planned and proves to be one of the last time that the Tigers compete together. While these titans battle for a chance at Worlds glory, EDG faces unexpected challenges in groups and Revolta comes face to face in competition with his Idol, Clearlove.
1 week ago

Spring Split: 10 bans in pro-play

Five months ago, we mentioned that we were taking a look on how a 10 ban system would work. We are introducing it up into Pro-play starting this split, more news about regular play yet to come.
1 week ago

Moments & Memories: 2016 All-Star Event

Relive the greatest moments and memories (and mayhem) from the 2016 All-Star Event!
1 month ago

2016 All-Star Event: A Rift of Ice and Fire

The final day of All-Star features mixed matchups of the Fire and Ice squads as they try to claim victory for their side. Here are ten things to know about the history of Ice and Fire.
1 month ago

A Seriously Not Serious Guide: ASE 1v1 Tournament

If Worlds was the definitive tournament to crown the year’s best team, then this 1v1 tournament is going to crown the year’s most tryhard, diehard, and supafly hard player. This tournament goes to you, Riven mains and Yasuo mains and cocky ADC mains. Here’s a comprehensive, opinion-driven, fact-optional analysis of the bracket.
1 month ago

uLoL Rivalry Winners

Over the past month, five iconic college rivalries went head to head in League — find out who won!
1 month ago

2016 World Championship By the Numbers

Our month-long road trip across North America is over! Thanks to each and every fan that joined us along the way for the 2016 League of Legends World Championship. Here’s a snapshot of some stats from the tournament.
1 month ago

Moments of Mayhem: Team Fire

At this year’s All-Star Event, Team Fire will be bringing the heat...and the mayhem. Here’s five moments that prove it. For even more mayhem, tune in to the 2016 All Star Event on December 8-11.
1 month ago

Moments of Mayhem: Team Ice

Team Ice will be bringing some serious mayhem to this year’s All-Star Event. Here’s five moments that prove it. For even more mayhem, tune in to the 2016 All Star Event on December 8-11.
1 month ago