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Power Rankings 5/26/2015

While we still wait for the start of the LCS, the Asian leagues are underway. Which teams are off to a good start, and which still have work to do?
9 hours ago

The fall of assassins in pro play

Edward Gaming’s Pawn and Cloud9’s Incarnati0n lay out the problems with assassins in the tank meta.
2 days ago

Players to watch in 2015 Summer

Who are the rising stars of the scene? Which players will earn redemption?
5 days ago

Play Fantasy LCS now!

Build your dream team, compete with your friends. Sign up now.
1 week ago

Power Rankings 5/19/2015

With teams gearing up rosters for the Summer Splits, which teams have looked the best going into Week 1?
1 week ago

Teams shuffle rosters for 2015 Summer

Teams shuffle their rosters to prepare for the incoming LCS Summer Split. Find out which players are heading to which teams.
1 week ago

The shifting sands of Azir at MSI

While falling out of favor in certain regions leading up to the tournament, Azir reappeared during the Mid Season Invitational.
1 week ago

Pros talk swinging the new Black Cleaver

Unicorns of Love jungler Kikis and SK Gaming mid Fox offer their thoughts on the new Black Cleaver, and take a swing at guessing how the most recently reworked item will impact high-level play.
2 weeks ago

Ask the Pros: MSI Edition

Before they hit the Rift, players from the competing MSI teams have a few questions to ask their fellow competitors...
2 weeks ago

Picks & Bans: SKTelecom T1 mixes things up at MSI

With two world-class mid laners on their roster, SK Telecom T1 is a force to be reckoned with.
3 weeks ago