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2015 All-Star Event

The 2015 All-Star Event will bring the unexpected to the Rift featuring a clash of the regions, epic 1v1 matches, fan-voted comps, fun game modes, and mixed region roster showdown on December 10-13.
1 day ago

2016 Spring Promotion Tournament

Who will join Renegades and Team Dignitas EU as part of the LCS next season? Will we see any more shake-ups between the Challenger and LCS scene? It’s time for LCS and Challenger to collide at the 2016 Spring Promotion Tournament on September 5-6.
2 days ago

Tristana goes tick, tick, boom in the LCS Finals

Everyone’s favorite Bandle Gunner has taken over the bot lane.
3 days ago

Olaf goes berserk in pro play

Fnatic's Reignover talks up his signature viking.
1 week ago

Your NA LCS Summer winner is…

The winners talk their victory over their rivals.
1 week ago

2015 World Championship Format

With teams on the brink of qualifying for the 2015 World Championship, here’s everything you need to know about the tournament structure and how we’ll determine team placements during the main stages of Worlds.
2 weeks ago

Pro supports carry with Zeke's and Banner

kaSing and Hylissang on using the newly popular activated items to carry games in pro play.
2 weeks ago

2015 LCS Summer Playoffs

Click to learn more about the Semifinals.
2 weeks ago

DRIVE: The Pobelter Story

Take an inside look at what drives Eugene Park.
3 weeks ago

Tank Ekko beats the clock in pro play

IWillDominate breaks down the second-by-second of Ekko’s unexpected jungle presence.
3 weeks ago