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Community of Champions: UBC collegiate esports

Get a behind-the-scenes look at how passionate students organized a 2000-person esports club.
3 days ago

Catch Imagine Dragons this week on PTL & the LCS!

"Warriors" artists Imagine Dragons will perform special acoustic versions of 2014 World Championship anthem and "Shots."
3 weeks ago


FORG1VENGRE's brutal honesty and outspoken personality have made him one of the most beloved, and sometimes hated, personalities in professional league.
3 weeks ago

Power Rankings - 2/3/2015

SKT struggled this past week, prompting a dead drop, while the GE Tigers and Jin Air Green Wings continue to rise. Here are how things stand in professional League today.
4 weeks ago

What to Watch in LCS Week 1

There are tons of interesting storylines coming into the new LCS season. Here are the five big ones to keep in mind for Week 1.
1 month ago

Worlds 2015 to be held in Europe

After sharing a memorable 2014 Championship with truly incredible esports fans in Taipei, Singapore and Korea, we’re looking forward to 2015’s final showdown more than ever. Today, on the eve of the season kickoff, we’re excited to announce that the 2015 World Championship will be coming to Europe this October.
1 month ago

2015 Pre-season Power Rankings

With the 2015 Season right around the corner, we count down the top 20 teams in the world right now.
1 month ago

Players to Watch in 2015

A new season brings new challengers and major changes to leagues across the globe. Join us as we explore 20 of the most compelling storylines to keep an eye on as professional League of Legends roars back onto the scene.
1 month ago

Worlds Rising: A look back at the Season 1 Championship

As the 2014 Season ends, some of League's veteran contenders look back on a very different Worlds.
4 months ago

Thresh hooks heard around the World

We look at the hooks so powerful that they changed the entire course of human history. Probably.
4 months ago