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NA LCS Regionals Survival Guide

Need to brush up on the North American Region going into the World Championships?
1 month ago

The Recap: North American LCS Week 1

The North American LCS Summer Split had North America looking more like Europe, with top teams falling to newcomers, epic, drag-down games, and surprising results.
3 months ago

2014 All-Star Challenge Game Mode Voting is now Live

Game Mode voting for the 2014 All-Star event is now live. Don't miss your opportunity to cast your votes to influence the exciting new All-Star Challenge. Click here for details!
5 months ago

Relive the Ultra Rapid Fire glory

Relive Cloud 9 and TSM’s battle for the future and catch up on the Ultra Rapid Fire preview matches unfolding all over the world.
5 months ago

The future of LoL esports

Cloud 9 and TSM are about to debut the future of League of Legends: Ultra Rapid Fire.
5 months ago

2014 All-Star Challenge Voting is Live

Voting for the 2014 All-Star Event in Paris, France is now live.
5 months ago

All-Star Paris 2014 Tickets On Sale Now!

Tickets for All-Star Paris 2014 are now available for sale! The event spans from Thursday May 8 to Sunday May 11 at Le Zenith in Paris, France.
5 months ago

The Recap: North American LCS Week 9

North America and Europe are at opposite ends of the LCS spectrum. Where Europe is awash in parity and rife with upsets, North America shows consistency. If a team has a better record than their opponent in NA, they'll almost certainly win. That paradigm held true in every case this week save one, XDG versus Team Curse.
5 months ago

Hop, Skip, And Beat: ZionSpartan's Jax

If there’s one rule in the North American LCS right now, it’s don’t let ZionSpartan pick Jax. The Grandmaster at Arms burst onto the Rift in Zion’s hands back in Week 5 and since then, it’s become a game of keep away from the young Coast top laner. Yet, no one else seems to be interested in playing Jax. So what makes Zion’s play so scary? We sat down with him to find out.
6 months ago

The Recap: North American LCS Week 8

Super Week was action-packed from start to finish with some of the most exhilarating games of the 2014 spring split. Here is a breakdown of what went down this past weekend.
6 months ago