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World Championship 2014 - Tickets

Tickets go on sale on August 21 for the group stages and August 27 for the knock-out stages of the 2014 World Championship. Don’t miss your chance to see the action live!
1 day ago

Welcome to Worlds 2014

The 2014 League of Legends World Championship is starting soon. Here’s everything you need to know about the event, from when it’s happening to what’s on the line to how you can watch.
1 week ago

What are the 2014 Regional Qualifiers?

New to LoL eSports? Here’s everything you need to know about the first phase of the 2014 League of Legends World Championship—aka, Regionals.
1 week ago

World Championship 2014 Preliminary Schedule

It’s getting closer and closer to the ultimate showdown in Seoul on October 19th where we’ll crown the League of Legends World Champions 2014. As teams from around the world battle to come out on top in their regional leagues, here’s a glimpse at the group stages, quarter-final and semi-final that are going to take us towards the final showdown at Sangam Stadium.
2 weeks ago

Shoutcasters vs Doom Bots of Doom

Phreak, RivingtonThe3rd, Jatt, Kobe and Zirene took on the marauding Doom Bots of Doom. Could humanity’s bravest secure victory, or would the Doom Bots claim Summoner’s Rift for all machinekind? Click on to watch the carnage...
1 month ago

NA LCS Regionals Heading to PAX Prime

We’re excited to bring the NA Regionals back to Seattle for PAX Prime on 8/29-9/1. The top 3 teams from NA Regionals tournament will move on to represent North America at Worlds. International Wild Card regions will also get in on the action in Seattle with Latin America and Brazil facing-off for one of the International Wild Card spots for Worlds.
1 month ago

2014 World Final heads to Seoul’s World Cup Stadium

We're thrilled to announce that we're going to be hosting the 2014 World Championship Final on October 19th at Sangam Stadium. Made famous as a main venue of the 2002 FIFA World Cup, Sangam Stadium has played host to some of the best sporting and entertainment events in South Korea.
1 month ago

2014 All-Star Challenge 1v1 Voting Results!

The votes have been tallied for the 2014 All-Star Challenge 1v1 match. Click here to see who's going to be representing their teams in the final high-stakes All-Star showdown.
3 months ago

2014 League of Legends All-Star Preview

Featuring the top team from each of the five regional professional leagues, the All-Star Invitational is a true test of regional strength, as five international giants will play a round-robin group stage to decide seeds for a single-elimination bracket stage. One team will take home $50,000 and bragging rights as the strongest region in the world.
3 months ago

OMG - China's Men in Black

OMG enters the tournament looking like an unstoppable force. Nearly, blocking out LPL's top five MVP rankings, they're capable of starving out their opponents as well as playing full-out aggressive when needed. With key playmakers at all critical positions, this Chinese powerhouse organization should not be taken lightly.
3 months ago