Most Recent eSports Event News

Watch the MSI Play-In Draw Show Live

Get a first look at the groups you’ll see competing during the first stage of the 2017 Mid-Season Invitational.
1 month ago

What makes a jungle invade work

Jatt breaks down jungle paths and what leads to the success or failure of an early game invade.
2 months ago

Campus Series Group Stage Preview

Community-led CSL breaks down schools to watch for the 2017 Campus Series Group Stage.
4 months ago

Worlds 2016: On-Air Team

Meet the on-air team that’ll be narrating and breaking down all the international clashes during the English language broadcast of the 2016 World Championship.
8 months ago

Worlds 2016: Groups Schedule

With the Group Draw done, our 2016 World Championship teams have been sorted into their groups for the Group Stage. Find out when your team will be playing live from San Francisco.
8 months ago

Worlds Pick’em Group Stage Is Now Live!

Join the quest for the “Perfect Bracket” and win new icons along the way. Head over to the Pick’em page and make your Group Stage picks now.
8 months ago

What are the groups for Worlds 2016?

The Group Draw Show is over and here’s the final groups for the 2016 World Championship - Group Stage.
8 months ago

2016 Worlds Group Draw Show Live

Find out which teams will face each other in Group Stage.
8 months ago

Last Chance: Worlds 2016 Tickets

It’s the final chance to grab your tickets for the 2016 League of Legends World Championship. An extremely limited quantity of Worlds tickets will be released starting on September 13.
8 months ago

The 2016 World Championship Teams

Teams around the world are fighting for their chance to compete at the 2016 World Championship. Check out every team that's qualified this year.
8 months ago