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All-Star Schedule Live and Tickets On Sale in 48 Hours

The All-Star Paris 2014 schedule is now available. Start your countdowns! In 48 hours, tickets will go on sale. The event spans from Thursday May 8 to Sunday May 11 at Le Zenith Arena in Paris, France.
4 months ago

Voting for the All-Star Challenge

Excited about our all-new All-Star Challenge? Click here to find out everything you need to know about casting your votes to influence this new and exciting style of All-Star play.
4 months ago

All-Star 2014 heads to Paris, France

We're excited to announce that the 2014 League of Legends All-Star event will be held in Paris, France. Taking place from Thursday, May 8 to Sunday, May 11 at Le Zenith Arena, a new format will feature the All-Star Invitational and All-Star Challenge. With these changes, the event will showcase competition from both the top teams and the favorite pro-players from each region in four days of competition.
4 months ago

2014 World Championship heads to South Korea

With the preseason about to kick off, we're ready to announce that the 2014 World Championship will be held in South Korea.
8 months ago

The Season 3 World Championship preview

The Season 3 World Championship arrives at the Staples Center this Friday. Korea's SK Telecom T1 and China's Royal Club proved themselves the top teams on the planet and now they'll duel for the Summoner's Cup. Catch up on the semifinal action and preview the Championship right here.
10 months ago

The Season 3 semifinals are here

The world's top four teams have fought their way through the quarter finals and are prepping for a semifinal showdown at the Galen Center. These are the matchups, times and dates of the World Championship semifinals.
10 months ago

Roku owners: try our beta S3 World Championship channel

Catch all of the Season 3 World Championship action in HD for a limited time wherever you have a Roku box!
10 months ago

Season 3 World Championship kicks off September 15

Fourteen contenders rose above the competition in regional qualifiers across the world. On September 15th their journey to the finals begins. Who will rise and be crowned Season Three Champions?
10 months ago

North American Regionals kicking off soon

With several Regional Playoffs won and done, the traffic on the Road to Worlds is clearing up and we're starting to see who's in the fast lane to LA and who's taking the exit into the offseason. Now it's North America's turn to find out which teams are in the driver's seat.
11 months ago

On deck: EU and International Wildcard Playoffs

More regional qualifiers for October's World Championships in Los Angeles are set to get underway. The next stop on the road to the finals is Cologne, Germany, where the EU Regional Playoffs as well as the International Wildcard Playoff will be played this week at gamescom.
11 months ago