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Matt chimes in on Bard

Liquid’s support shares tips about his favorite champion.
3 weeks ago

Take aim with Doublelift

TSM’s AD carry shares tips about Lucian.
1 month ago

DRIVE: The Aphromoo Story

The raw look into the untold stories of pro players in the LCS and what drove them to compete. This is Aphromoo's story, what's yours?
2 years ago

Pro Player Picks: TheOddOne picks Maokai

Welcome to this week's Pro Player Pick, where we feature one of the best League of Legends players discussing his champion of choice.
3 years ago

China all-stars head to Shanghai

The 2013 League of Legends All-Star Weekend takes place in Shanghai from May 24 to May 26. Five teams representing the pro leagues in North America, Europe, China, Korea and Southeast Asia/Taiwan will clash at the Shanghai Grand Stage.
3 years ago

Pro Player Pick: Stanley picks Nidalee

For this round of the Pro Player Pick, we shine the spotlight on Stanley, top-laner for the World Champion Taipei Assassins.
3 years ago

Garena all-stars head to Shanghai

With the tournament drawing ever closer, it's time to meet the players from Garena.
3 years ago

Remember to rock the LCS all-star vote

This is your friendly reminder that voting’s still open for the LCS All-Star Week. The top picks from North America, Europe, China, Korea and Southeast Asia will all be in attendance, so the competition is sure to be fierce.
3 years ago

Pro Player Pick: Archie picks Ezreal

Archie fires off a Trueshot Barrage in this edition of Pro Player Picks.
3 years ago