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Pro Player Picks: TheOddOne picks Maokai

Welcome to this week's Pro Player Pick, where we feature one of the best League of Legends players discussing his champion of choice.
10 months ago

China all-stars head to Shanghai

The 2013 League of Legends All-Star Weekend takes place in Shanghai from May 24 to May 26. Five teams representing the pro leagues in North America, Europe, China, Korea and Southeast Asia/Taiwan will clash at the Shanghai Grand Stage.
11 months ago

Pro Player Pick: Stanley picks Nidalee

For this round of the Pro Player Pick, we shine the spotlight on Stanley, top-laner for the World Champion Taipei Assassins.
11 months ago

Garena all-stars head to Shanghai

With the tournament drawing ever closer, it's time to meet the players from Garena.
11 months ago

Remember to rock the LCS all-star vote

This is your friendly reminder that voting’s still open for the LCS All-Star Week. The top picks from North America, Europe, China, Korea and Southeast Asia will all be in attendance, so the competition is sure to be fierce.
1 year ago

Pro Player Pick: Archie picks Ezreal

Archie fires off a Trueshot Barrage in this edition of Pro Player Picks.
1 year ago