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The 2015 ranked season is here!

We’ve dimmed the lights and flicked the spotlights on. Now's your chance to take the stage and fight your way to the top.
5 days ago

Patch Rundown - 5.1

Scarizard returns in the first Patch Rundown of the 2015 season as Ghostcrawler and Jatt join him on set. The discussion digs into what we learned this preseason and where we're going from here, heading into the start of ranked play and the LCS's opening kickoff.
1 week ago

Patch 5.1 notes

We're kicking the year off with a suite of balance changes aimed at preseason followup. Read on for the details, and welcome to the first patch of 2015!
1 week ago

Get ready for the 2015 ranked season!

It’s time to slim back down to fighting weight and pull those tryhard pants on, because on January 21 we’re opening up the 2015 ranked season! Read on for the details.
1 week ago

Celebrating the end of this year's Snowdown

Thank you! Together we’ve had another incredible year and we've enjoyed taking a few big steps in League’s evolution with you. While Snowdown may be over, there’s one more thing we wanted to do to commemorate 2014.
3 weeks ago

Don’t tell the poros, but Snowdown’s nearly over!

Don’t tell the poros, but Snowdown’s nearly over! Queue up for Legend of the Poro King and earn exclusive icons before they hit the icebox. Vault-bound legacy skins and icons are on their way out too, so snag what warms you up this Snowdown!
3 weeks ago

Snowdown FAQ

Everything you need to know about this year's Snowdown.
1 month ago

The Poro King has chosen!

Phreak and Riv dove for cover behind the casting desk as two teams of pro players lobbed poros at each other! Why, you ask? They were trying out the Legend of the Poro King Featured Game Mode, of course - check out the fluffy carnage here!
1 month ago

Watch pros take on the Legend of the Poro King!

Two pro teams are lobbing poros at each other on the Howling Abyss RIGHT NOW. Click here to witness the cutest carnage in the history of League.
1 month ago

Player Behavior Design Values: Reform

In this blog, Lyte re-emphasizes our philosophy around reform and why we reject the notion of a silver bullet to slay negative behavior. Then Socrates explores how ranked restrictions work and why they are so effective.
1 month ago