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Lost in Bilgewater? Click here!

Have questions about how the Bilgewater event works or unlocking rewards? Check out our Q&A thread!
18 hours ago

Black Market Brawlers battle for Bilgewater

The newest Featured Game Mode is an all-out battle for black market-item fueled dominance on Summoner’s Rift. Hire new brawlers to customize your minion waves, then upgrade them to increase damage or unlock unique abilities. It’s five versus five on SR, with a Bilgewater-inspired twist.
18 hours ago

Bilgewater: Burning Tides Act II

Gangplank’s warehouse burns. With the pirate captain’s thugs swarming, the resolution of Graves’ and Twisted Fate’s long-simmering feud threatens to engulf the entire city in flames. Read The Reckoning Act II now.
6 days ago

Bilgewater Merch On Sale

New collectibles, tees, and more are making landfall.
1 week ago

Experience Bilgewater with skins, merch and more!

Bring Bilgewater to life through the new Butcher’s Bridge ARAM map, IRL merch, champ skins, and more. Learn about all of the new spoils to plunder from the Bilgewater: Burning Tides event.
1 week ago

Bilgewater: Burning Tides Act I

For many of those fleeing justice, debt, or persecution, Bilgewater is a city of new beginnings. But for a few, the past is something you can never escape. Read as Twisted Fate’s and Graves' paths cross in The Reckoning Act I.
1 week ago

The HUD update hits live

After a few months of polish, we’ve pushed the HUD update out to the non-ranked queues on live. Get in a game and check it out!
1 week ago

Battle across Butcher’s Bridge

Preview the frantic, all-random melee action on the new ARAM map: Butcher’s Bridge. Once an ancient stone bridge leading to a temple entrance, Butcher's Bridge has been kept up haphazardly and primarily serves now as a connection between the slaughter docks and one of Bilgewater’s slums.
1 week ago

Patch Rundown 5.14 - The Harbinger Times

Tune in and check out Scarizard, Zirene and ricklessabandon chatting about 5.14’s big hitters, including tweaks to Elise, Azir, and Runeglaive, and the introduction of Zeke’s Harbinger.
1 week ago

Patch 5.14 notes

A fleet of updates to the HUD, two champions and more sail into port this patch!
1 week ago