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Retiring Dominion

We launched Dominion more than four years ago as an alternative game mode designed to challenge players with fast-paced skirmishes, capture-and-hold gameplay, and different skills to master. As League continues to evolve, our vision for the core game becomes more and more refined, and, after years of learning, it’s clear today that alternative game modes work better in short cycles rather than as standalone queues.
8 hours ago

Inside Hextech Crafting

Some of the guys behind Hextech Crafting stop by to chat about progression systems and phat lewts.
6 days ago

Ready, set, play: Party Rewards are back!

Dynamic Ranked returns, earn party rewards in queues using new champ select for five more days!
3 weeks ago

Queue up in new champion select this week!

New champion select rolling out in Normal and Ranked Draft! GLHF!
3 weeks ago

Hextech Crafting soon debuts on PBE

We’re just about ready to start testing loot and Hextech Crafting on PBE.
4 weeks ago

New champ select replaces Team Builder

Since introducing the experimental Team Builder queue back in 2013, we’ve been analyzing and re-thinking the best way to get into a game of League. The lessons we learned from Team Builder directly impacted the development of new champ select. As a result, when new champ select goes live, we’ll disable the Team Builder queue.
1 month ago

Preseason 2016 crests the horizon!

The Worlds final is nearly upon us, but we thought we’d share some high-level philosophy on what’s going on with preseason 2016.
3 months ago

One For All heads back to the FGM workshop

After two weeks of five copy frenzy, it’s time to bench the penta-Kench and send One For All back into the Featured Game Mode workshop. We’ll continue to tweak and tinker until the next featured game mode, so thanks for playing, and we’ll see you on the battlefields!
3 months ago

PBE signups open!

We’re opening up PBE signups to ensure plenty of testing for features hitting PBE on November 3. Positive players get first dibs on accounts, so sign up today! PBE can take a Zilean minutes to patch up, so if you make the cut start your download ahead of November 3.
3 months ago

One For All will soon return to the workshop

Thirty sphere Syndra ults and wild Lux laser light shows will head back into the Featured Game Mode workshop soon. If you’re looking to get in a game with a five-pack of your favorite champion, make sure to hit up the One For All queue before October 26 at 2 AM PDT. Thanks for playing, and we’ll see you on the battlefield!
3 months ago