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Team Builder is here to stay

Team Builder is a new queue where you come together as a team playing the champions you want to play in the roles you want to play them in. Learn more by clicking here.
4 months ago

Upcoming rune balance changes

A few basic rune balance changes are coming in the next patch, along with a rune and IP boost sale.
5 months ago

Let's talk about the Design of Team Builder

Team Builder is our take on a new Champion Select—it’s intended to bring players together that complement each other’s expectations and intentions the moment they enter the lobby.
5 months ago

Hexakill has returned to the workshop

Players experimented with team comps, discovered new metas and made montage-worthy plays throughout Hexakill. But, like Blitzcrank after one too many Tidal Waves, it’s time to return Hexakill to the workshop.
5 months ago

Hexakill ending soon

Earn your Hexakill before it goes away on March 2.
5 months ago

Announcing Team Builder two-day live beta!

Team Builder is a new queue where you select a specific role, champion and position before joining a team. Everyone knows what they’re playing and where they want to go, laying the foundation for great teamwork.
5 months ago

Earn your Hexakill now

In our new Featured Gameplay Mode, we’ve added a sixth champ to each side on Summoner’s Rift. Now’s your chance to earn the elusive Hexakill.
6 months ago

Hexakill incoming!

For the next Featured Gameplay Mode, five to a team just wasn’t enough. We’re adding a sixth champ to each side on Summoner’s Rift. Same rules, same map, more champions.
6 months ago

Showdown & Magma Chamber Info

In December, we debuted our second Featured Game Mode, Showdown. We wanted to share some results from the mode's first run, and give an update on Magma Chamber.
7 months ago

Summoner name clean up

Occasionally, we go through Summoner names and free up ones that have been inactive for long periods of time. From now on, we’ll be doing things a bit differently. Everyone is given a period of immunity to the Summoner Name Clean Up based on level. If your immunity runs out, your name will be available to another Summoner through the Summoner Name Change option in the store.
7 months ago