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SR livestream VOD is here!

In case you missed it, watch a game on the updated SR and get the scoop from the dev team in this livestream VOD.
11 months ago

Watch the SR livestream on 6/11, 10:30am PDT!

Come watch a game on the updated Summoner's Rift and get aloe-verified answers from the devs to your burning questions on Wednesday, 6/11 at 10:30am PDT on Twitch.
11 months ago

Dev Blog: SR’s gameplay updates

The update to Summoner’s Rift aspires to improve the game without changing your moment-to-moment gameplay. These iterations share a common goal—to level up the gameplay of Summoner’s Rift, whether it’s through mechanics design, gameplay balance, or clarity.
11 months ago

One For All: Mirror Mode returns to the workshop

One For All: Mirror Mode returns to the Featured Gameplay Mode workshop but it’s left behind plenty of memories.
11 months ago

One For All: Mirror Mode ending soon

Hop in and experience a conga line of Rocket Grabs across Howling Abyss before it goes back into the workshop!
11 months ago

Update to Summoner’s Rift headed to PBE

As some of you have guessed, we've been busy working on an update to Summoner's Rift for a while now. Learn more about what we’re trying to accomplish.
11 months ago

Dev Blog: Updating Summoner’s Rift

Welcome to the first dev blog for our update to Summoner’s Rift! We’ll be doing dev blogs until this update goes live in order to give you guys insight into what we changed and why we changed it.
11 months ago

One For All: Mirror Mode is live!

From now through June 8, experience the chaos of ten players, one champ and one lane.
12 months ago

Dev Blog: The Design Values of League of Legends

If League is always evolving, so should our communications. We wrote down our top 6 design values for League of Legends so you can understand why we do what we do, and what we want to do in the future.
1 year ago

One For All is back with a twist!

We’ve moved the action to the Howling Abyss and changed the rules so players on both teams clash with the same champ. Soon you can really play pinball with Monsoons, dodgeball with Dark Spheres or hide-and-seek with ten times the Noxious Traps.
1 year ago