Most Recent Gameplay News

Dev Blog: From Vision to Violence – Vi's Creation

Join Champion Designer Gypsylord as he walks us through his trials and tribulations with creating Vi, the Piltover Enforcer.
4 months ago

Dev Blog: Making a More Human Bot

We surveyed both Coop-vs.-AI and PvP players to find out what they thought about bots and what we could do to improve them. Based on that feedback, we’ve tried to make bots more human.
5 months ago

Dev Blog: The Making of Yasuo's Wind Wall

Join Champion Designer CertainlyT as he walks us through the creation of Yasuo’s Wind Wall.
5 months ago

Dev Blog: The Remaking of Xerath

In our first dev blog, we go in-depth on our Xerath rework.
6 months ago

The 2014 Season has arrived!

Prepare for a whole new season of epic moments!
8 months ago