Most Recent Special Event News

Year of the Emperor

Each year we honor the heroes who stood against the darkness and heralded a new year of good fortune and harmony among the kingdoms.
1 day ago

Lunar Revel Crafting

This Lunar Revel, we honor the past and celebrate the future with tokens of good fortune and relics from a past long forgotten.
1 day ago

Lunar Revel 2017

Honor the past. Celebrate the future.
1 day ago

Until next Snowdown

Goodbye, but not farewell!
1 week ago

Final weekend for Snowdown! All Chests available!

Final weekend for Snowdown! All Chests available!
1 week ago

Snowdown Ending Soon

The Poro King has a special announcement to make.
2 weeks ago

Gather ‘round for Snowdown

Join in the wonder of Snowdown, where new skins, special loot, poro snax and more await.
1 month ago

A Snowdown Snowtale

The Poro King sends a young poro on an urgent mission: find the one with the magnificent mustache to save Snowdown!
1 month ago


Sacrifice minions, play Doom Bots of Doom, and collect Legacy skins before time is up FOREVER!!
2 months ago

Revel in The Teemoing

Sacrificial ceremonies, wicked witchcraft, and DOOM await in this Tale from the Rift.
3 months ago