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The preseason draws closer!

Preseason will soon be upon us! Read on to find out more when it comes to core design philosophies going into the preseason.
5 months ago

End of Season 3 rewards

After months of grueling competition, the Season 3 nexus is starting to crumble. As we near the triumphant victory screen, it’s time to reveal the rewards you’ll earn for Season 3 ranked play.
6 months ago

The Harrowing approaches

The sun sets and darkness creeps in, candlelight flickers and fires burn out. The Harrowing is nearly upon us, featuring two new skins and the return of skins from the past, as well as a new summoner icon reward experience and a few extra surprises.
6 months ago

Patch 3.12 Notes

Changes to champions, items and more are coming with Patch 3.12. Read on for the details.
6 months ago

World Championship icons to celebrate the playoffs

The Regionals have officially come to a close, and we're about to head into World Playoffs. Since there's no better time to show your team spirit, we've added a few new icons to your League of Legends client.
7 months ago

Does teamwork win more games?

Find out if team players win more games, earn more gold and carry their teams to victory.
7 months ago

Patch 3.11 Notes

Changes to champions and items, and an introduction of an in-game item shop undo feature are coming with Patch 3.11. Read on for the details.
7 months ago

Patch 3.10a notes

Changes to Master Yi, Blade of the Ruined King, and Phage are coming with Patch 3.10a. Read on for more patch details.
7 months ago

Welcome to the new

It's been over three years since we launched the original League of Legends website. A lot's changed since then – on the web and on the Fields of Justice – so we wanted to deliver a new site built with you in mind.
8 months ago

Patch 3.10 Notes

Changes to champions, items, towers and Baron are coming with Patch 3.10. Read on for the full details.
8 months ago