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Snowdown Ending Soon

The Poro King has a special announcement to make.
7 months ago

/dev: On Champ Diversity

Where and how does Riot prioritize champion diversity?
8 months ago

Announcing the 2016 Challengers

Challenger is the pinnacle of Ranked play, so let’s take a moment to congratulate the top of the 2016 ladder in NA. This year’s top players lay claim to not only Victorious Maokai and prestigious borders, but also an exclusive Challenger jacket. The top ten score the jacket and the even rarer Challenger medallion.
8 months ago

Legend of the Poro King

Legend of the Poro King is live! Check out more details on the mode here, and then jump into your next game.
8 months ago

Gather ‘round for Snowdown

Join in the wonder of Snowdown, where new skins, special loot, poro snax and more await.
8 months ago

A Snowdown Snowtale

The Poro King sends a young poro on an urgent mission: find the one with the magnificent mustache to save Snowdown!
8 months ago

Mid-patch 6.24 balance update

We’ve got a few more changes for the patch.
8 months ago

Monthly Q&A with Ghostcrawler

Game Design Director Ghostcrawler answers your questions about League, live on Twitch.
8 months ago

/dev: On Smite Rewards

Why did Riot remove Smite rewards in Season 2017?
8 months ago

Rotating game mode queue now live!

From the original clone-tastic One For All to the sand-strewn battlefield of Ascension, featured game modes provide unique spins on the classic League formula. It’s time to kick things off with the next game mode in the rotation:Nexus Siege returns to the rotating game mode queue.
8 months ago