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Ghost Dog: Making Devourer’s Wolf

Adding a spectral companion to League of Legends isn’t as simple as stopping by the local ghost shelter and picking the one with the biggest, cutest eyes. Delve into the creation of the pup we affectionately refer to as “Ghost Dog.”
1 year ago

Developing with the Community: The Riot API

What began as a weapon against unauthorized attempts to siphon raw data from live servers (known as scraping) became a powerful collaborative tool for devs both inside and outside of Riot.
1 year ago

Riot Games Engineering: LoL vs. real-time internet

Riot’s engineering blog offers an inside look at some of the tech that powers League of Legends. In this post, we’ll explore the challenges we face in maintaining a real-time online game with the internet’s current architecture -- which wasn’t built with games like League in mind.
1 year ago