Most Recent Store Update News

Scare away ganks with the Underworld Poro Ward

The scariest - yet possibly most adorable - Poro Ward Skin is here for a limited time. Available from now until 23:59 GMT on January 30th, unlock the Underworld Poro Ward Skin and distract would-be gankers with conflicting emotions of adoration and horror!
2 months ago

The Heist ending soon!

After staking out the completely wrong address, accidentally wiretapping themselves and trying to tail a couple of suspicious individuals WHILE DRESSED IN FULL UNIFORM, Captain Volibear and Constable Trundle have finally caught the criminals!
3 months ago

End of game gifting is here!

Our yordle scientists have developed end of game gifting. Now, players can show their appreciation by sending mystery gifts from the post-game lobby.
4 months ago

Summoner name change sale

The 2014 Season’s almost over, so summoner name changes are 50% off!
6 months ago

Mystery gifting here to stay

You guys loved mystery gifting so much that we’re making it permanent. From now on, mystery skins and mystery champions will be available in the gifting center of the store all year round.
1 year ago

Season 3 Championship ward skin available now

Light your path to victory with the commemorative Season 3 Championship ward skin. Available until the end of preseason.
1 year ago

Legacy skins and Mystery skins are live!

Legacy Skins, the Mega Legacy Bundle and Mystery Skins are now live.
1 year ago

Treat yourself to a Mystery Skin

During the Harrowing, many players requested self-gifted Mystery skins. Well, from November 29th through December 2nd, you‘ll be able to do precisely that. From November 29th through December 2nd, surprise yourself with a Mystery Gift.
1 year ago

The Legacy Vault opens for a limited time

We're throwing open the doors of the Legacy Vault, so Nottingham Ezreal, Red Baron Corki and many more will storm out of retirement for a limited time.
1 year ago

Champion-themed wards in store now

If you've been hankering for some new ward skins, we've got some good news for you. The first run of permanent, non-seasonal wards is now hot off the presses into the League of Legends store.
1 year ago