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Pros ready to take on the Legend of the Poro King!

Phreak’s preparing his puns. Riv’s almost done grooming his awesome beard. The LCS pros are fiddling with their hand warmers. Things are about to get real. Real fluffy.
2 days ago

Legend of the Poro King: Trailer

The poros trained all year for this.
4 days ago

Legend of the Poro King game mode

The poros won’t do all the fighting for you! Dive into the fray!
4 days ago

Snowdown: earn exclusive rewards

Track your rewards progress while you sling poros in the Legend of the Poro King game mode!
4 days ago

Snowdown’s here!

Dive into Snowdown and discover the spirit of the season.
4 days ago

Winter Wonder Orianna waltzes into Snowdown

After transforming her whirling ball of doom into a clockwork poro of death, Winter Wonder Orianna is wound up and ready for Snowdown!
4 days ago

Poro Rider Sejuani charges into Snowdown

It’s a boar... It’s a car... It’s a donut-wielding barbarian riding a giant ball of fluff!
4 days ago

Snow Day Malzahar hits the slopes

The Poropocalypse is nigh!
4 days ago