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Origen’s coach opens up

How Origen’s replacement coach Hermit helped his team become a Worlds contender.
2 days ago

Daily Recap: OG

Origen secures a spot at the Quarterfinals, despite difficulties during Week 2 of the Group Stage.
2 days ago

Daily Worlds Recap: KT Rolster

See what KT Rolster's support Piccaboo brings to the team and how he helped lead them to success.
2 days ago

Daily Recap: SKT

Worlds has already seen an abundance of surprises, so it's nice that one thing's going as expected.
3 days ago

Daily Recap: Edward Gaming

Given their expectations coming into the tournament, it's easy to understand why EDG isn't pleased.
3 days ago

The Wombo Combo Collection

Enjoy 3 and a half minutes of pure wombo combo bliss by Vandiril.
3 days ago

How far do you go to win?

Sometimes victory comes at a cost.
3 days ago

Daily Recap: Flash Wolves

It's hard to draw too many conclusion from one Group, but it's clear the LMS teams are the real deal.
4 days ago