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The Riftwalk returns for NA Summer Finals

Join us in Toronto for the League Community Expo taking place during NA LCS Summer Finals.
3 days ago

Diana’s Victory Beatdown

Celebrate Diana’s community-decided victory over Leona with a Master-tier highlight reel
3 days ago

Champion and skin sale: 06.24 - 06.27

Grab these champions and skins on sale for 50% off for a limited time:
3 days ago

NA Summer Finals tickets on sale now!

Grab your seat at NA LCS Summer Finals weekend on August 27-28 in Toronto at the Air Canada Centre.
4 days ago

Surf's Up! Save 25% on all shirts

The waves are epic and the music is chill down at the Solari Surf club. Feel the sun's glory and save 25% through 6/29.
5 days ago

Designers weigh in on Leona vs Diana

Who better to chime in on a head-to-head fight between the Radiant Dawn and the Scorn of the Moon than two folks who played a key role in their creation?
5 days ago

Leona vs Diana community art

After you vote to see who’d win, enjoy these awesome creations featuring the Radiant Dawn and Scorn of the Moon!
5 days ago

Riot Pls: Dev priorities and the League client

In the latest Riot Pls, lead producers New001 and ScuttleChris talk about the League client update alpha and its impact on development at Riot.
6 days ago