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Picks & Bans: Fnatic can’t be nailed down at MSI

How will teams ban out the adaptive Fnatic at MSI?
3 days ago

Champion and skin sale: 05.01 - 05.04

Grab these champions and skins on sale for 50% off for a limited time:
4 days ago

Best College NA?

This weekend the best college teams from across NA collide to decide who among them will take home thousands in scholarships and the title of North American Collegiate Championship.
4 days ago

1,600 steps to the NACC finals

Over the last 8 months, college students formed over 1,600 teams to duke it out during the 2015 North American Collegiate Championship (NACC), and we’ve chronicled them all right here. Find your school’s place in history.
4 days ago

Picks & Bans: AHQ's two carries look to take MSI

How to ban out AHQ at MSI.
4 days ago

Dark Horses: Support Nautilus

Your bot lane buddies will get hooked on Support Nautilus!
5 days ago

Patch 5.8 notes

Updates for Ryze, The Black Cleaver, Howling Abyss & more!
5 days ago

Champion Update: Ryze update heads to live!

We’ve just wrapped up Ryze’s stint on PBE, meaning he’s now ready to wade onto live with his tweaked kit and new effects! Check out his PBE article for the full story, or scroll down for the some in-game shots of the man with the runic tattoos.
5 days ago