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Worlds Group Stage

Which teams from group C & D will take the early points in Singapore? Watch now
1 month ago

Patch Rundown – 4.17

Patch 4.17’s discussion is focused on champion updates and features the newly-updated Soraka and Viktor!
1 month ago

Patch 4.17 notes

Gameplay updates for Viktor and Soraka, plus changes and followup for more champions in 4.17!
1 month ago

Champion Update: Viktor, the Machine Herald

Proving it’s not just League’s exoskeletal beings that can evolve, we’re pushing a retooled Viktor through the Champion Update pipeline and onto live. We’ve given him a fresh coat of paint, updated most of his abilities, and completely changed how his passive and Hex Core work - here are the details of Viktor’s glorious evolution!
1 month ago

Champion Update: Soraka, the Starchild

Two years after brushing up her visuals, we’re taking a second look at the goatiest of champions, Soraka! This time the Champion Update team’s focusing on her gameplay, so while her bananas stay the same, she has a couple of new abilities, and some tweaks to others. Read on for the full rundown!
1 month ago


The Grand General has seen an opportunity to succeed where our ancestors failed. We’ve followed him this far...
1 month ago

Dunkmaster Darius enters the preseason

6 feet 5 inches, 266 lbs, 34 ½ inch arms. A guy actually died trying to guard him at the scouting combine.
1 month ago

Live-testing Ranked Restrictions in NA and EU

Introducing Ranked Restrictions, a new feature we’re developing to help improve the quality of the ranked play experience. With Ranked Restrictions, negative players will be unable to queue up for ranked play until they’ve completed a number of games in Normal Draft.
2 months ago