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Knockout Stage Pick’em now live!

Head over to now and build your bracket for the Knockout Stage.
4 days ago

Summoner Showcase 128

A brand new episode of Summoner Showcase!
6 days ago

Champion Insights: Evelynn, the Playful Sadist

Evelynn’s old identity was… a bit confusing. She was a badass shadow assassin who’d slit your throat and disappear before the blood dripped but was also inexplicably blue and quite scantily clad for a professional hitwoman. Plus, she might’ve been an assassin in the world of Runeterra, but in-game, she didn’t always play like one. New Eve is still a shadow assassin, but she’s also a succubus demon. Who wants to make you very, very happy… before tearing your flesh off.
6 days ago

Ask Riot: Gaining Honor and Elo

The return of Invasion, restoring lost Honor, and how to stop being hard stuck in ranked.
1 week ago

New skin: Beekeeper Singed bumbles onto the Rift

1 week ago

Champion and skin sale: 10.13 - 10.16

Grab these champions and skins on sale for 50% off for a limited time:
1 week ago

New chromas this month

Choose your shade with new chromas for Dreadnova Gangplank and Dragonblade Talon.
1 week ago

Evelynn available now!

You might not resist her charms. But you'll wish you did.
1 week ago