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Celebrate the Beautiful Game with the Beautiful Set

From now until July 13, celebrate the world’s most watched sporting event with five new skins, a ward and a summoner icon.
2 months ago

Patch 4.10 notes

Gameplay updates for Nidalee and Skarner, marksman itemization changes and more in Patch 4.10.
3 months ago

Summoner’s Rift Hub

Come check out the latest updates and share your thoughts on the updated Rift.
3 months ago

New free champion rotation: Sona, Draven, Swain and more!

Greetings Summoners! Here are this week's free champions.
3 months ago

Champion and skin sale: 06.17 - 06.20

Grab these champions and skins on sale for 50% off for a limited time:
3 months ago

Champion Spotlight: Karthus, the Deathsinger

Learn to defy death and obliterate your enemies near and far in the Karthus Champion Spotlight.
3 months ago

Big Plays Spotlight: Flashy mindgames

These clips feature Diamond 1 player hi im gosu as he uses the same Flash juke twice against the same team. Watch him mindgame the enemy, even baiting an ult and Flash as a reward for his creativity.
3 months ago

SR livestream VOD is here!

In case you missed it, watch a game on the updated SR and get the scoop from the dev team in this livestream VOD.
3 months ago