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Champion and skin sale: 02.20 - 02.23

Grab these champions and skins on sale for 50% off for a limited time:
1 week ago

Halfway to the NACC Finals!

Eight college teams are headed to the NACC playoffs. Eight spots are still up for grabs.
2 weeks ago

Burn the dark with the Dragonslayer Poro Ward Skin

This brave little poro is fighting back against the onslaught of aerial assault alongside the other Dragonslayers. With his vigilance, you’ll never be surprised again whether it’s an impromptu dance of dragons or a sneaky attempted gank. Rise up against the dragon horde with the Dragonslayer Poro Ward Skin available now until 23:59 PST on February 27 for 640RP.
2 weeks ago

Share your newbie moments

And you thought fail Flashing was embarrassing.
2 weeks ago

Wardens against Marauders in neverending battle

One side razes everything just for fun. The other side obliterates entire nations to uphold the law. Unfortunately, there’s no third side.
2 weeks ago

Check out the Nemesis Draft Q&A!

Click here for more information on the upcoming Nemesis Draft Featured Game Mode!
2 weeks ago

New free champion rotation: Blitzcrank, Gragas, Quinn and more!

Greetings Summoners! Here are this week's free champions.
2 weeks ago

Nemesis Draft Q&A coming 2/17

We’re hosting a Nemesis Draft Q&A session at 10am PST on 2/17. Come along to ask the Featured Game Mode team questions about counter picks, counter picked team comps, counter counter picks, counter counter picked team comps, and more! ...please don’t do either of the last two things.
2 weeks ago