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Nidalee Splash Update - This cat’s got new claws

New Nidalee bundle and Nidalee legacy skins available now.
3 months ago

Patch 6.11 notes

Hammering out a few balance outliers as the pro scene ramps up for the summer.
3 months ago

Dynamic queue and the future of League

Starting off the season, we made fundamental changes to ranked to emphasize coordinated team play. After considering all possible options and assessing the gains (and losses) of dynamic queue, we've made the decision to not bring back solo queue.
3 months ago

Inside Shurima’s story with the writers

Some of the writers behind the Shurima story event share their behind-the-scenes perspective.
3 months ago

Ask a Sona Main - BloodWater

Let former LCS Pro BloodWater teach you to make beautiful music with the Maven of the Strings.
3 months ago

Blood of the Ancients

A hooded stranger comes to the ruined desert city of Vekaura, one who has walked the sands of Shurima for millennia. He comes in search of one of the Ascended Bloodline, a mortal whose lineage stretches back to the the golden age of Shurima. But he is not the only one searching, for great power flows in this mortal’s veins, power that could decide the fate of Shurima.
3 months ago

Bear Witness, The End Is Near

Nothing escapes.
3 months ago

New free champion rotation: Ezreal, Gnar, Lucian and more!

Greetings Summoners! Here are this week's free champions.
4 months ago