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Building Better Onboarding: Intro Bots

With Intro Bots headed to PBE, Iniquitee discusses our approach to teaching new League of Legends players.
3 weeks ago

Community-recommended bundles available now

Craving something new at champ select? Get fed on these limited-time bundles based on suggestions from players. They’re flexible in cost, meaning the final bundle price will automatically adjust to reflect only what’s new to your collection.
4 weeks ago

Champion and skin sale: 07.04 - 07.07

Grab these champions and skins on sale for 50% off for a limited time:
4 weeks ago

Celebrate CBLOL with team summoner icons

Celebrate Brazil’s pro scene with team summoner icons!
4 weeks ago

Match History Beta Now Live

The evolution of your League of Legends match history is now live!
1 month ago

Riot with us at live events!

We’re huge fans of live events because they give us a chance to connect with the League community in real life. Check out what events we’ve planned for the rest of the year.
1 month ago

Patch 4.11 notes

We're showing some love for tanky utility junglers, following up on Nidalee and Skarner's 4.10 Gameplay Updates and more in Patch 4.11!
1 month ago

Dev Blog: Finding your place on the Rift

Clarity’s been a key point since we started updating Summoner’s Rift. We wanted players to be able to glance at the stream, screen or screenshot and know instantly where the camera was based on the surrounding environment.
1 month ago