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The 2014 ranked season has ended!

The 2014 ranked season began in January, and now the battle for League Points has drawn to a close. Read on to learn more about end of season rewards.
7 months ago

Dev Blog: Optimizing the Rift

We set a goal of ensuring that the update to Summoner’s Rift performs at least as well as current SR on every player’s machine. We’ve continued to work on optimization since announcing the update, and want to take some time now to discuss the latest details with you.
7 months ago

Kalista Q&A 11/11 at 11AM PST

Curious about Kalista? Check into the Q&A session with the dev team!
7 months ago

Dev Blog: Defining the Rift’s Visual Style

Our goal was to create a style independent of a particular time or place that retains the vibe of Summoner's Rift. This means improving the style, cohesion & fidelity of the art without being held back by technological constraints. Finally, the various aspects of the art style must be aimed at clarifying gameplay to truly give players a more meaningful and immersive experience while playing League.
7 months ago

Kalista Q&A coming 11/11

The crack team behind Kalista is hopping out of the Black Mist to answer your questions at 11AM on 11/11. Just... don’t ask how Kalista got those spears stuck in her back. It’s a touchy subject for the Spear of Vengeance.
7 months ago

New free champion rotation: Akali, Quinn, Thresh and more!

Greetings Summoners! Here are this week's free champions.
7 months ago

Champion and skin sale: 11.11. - 11.14.

Grab these champions and skins on sale for 50% off for a limited time:
7 months ago

Big Plays: Eye of the Storm

With a strong understanding of her team’s bursty assassin comp, Janna Flash ults into the middle of the action.
8 months ago