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Watch Pocket Picks: Sneaky’s Jhin

Cloud9’s Sneaky shares tips about his Pocket Pick, Jhin.
3 weeks ago

Chime Chime - It's Summertime!

Bard joins the Series 2 figure line and welcomes you to summer bringing a collection of friends with him to join in the summer fun.
3 weeks ago

Champion Reveal: Kayn, the Shadow Reaper

Kayn audaciously wields the sentient darkin weapon Rhaast, undeterred by its creeping corruption of his body and mind.
3 weeks ago

Patch 7.13 notes

Honor, Kha’Zix, Galio, SKT T1 skins and more!
3 weeks ago

New free champion rotation: Galio, Morgana, Fizz and more!

Greetings Summoners! Here are this week's free champions.
3 weeks ago

Champion and skin sale: 06.27 - 06.30

Grab these champions and skins on sale for 50% off for a limited time.
3 weeks ago

VS. Ending Soon

Play missions, craft event-exclusive loot, and help determine a victor before VS. ends.
3 weeks ago

Summoner Showcase 120

A brand new episode of Summoner Showcase!
1 month ago