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Join the Hunt of the Blood Moon

Riot DefaultChar drops by to talk about the Hunt of the Blood Moon!
3 weeks ago

Champion and skin sale: 01.27 - 01.30

Grab these champions and skins on sale for 50% off for a limited time.
3 weeks ago

Definitely (Not) Rivals

Every year, Rioters compete in an internal League of Legends tournament called the Riot Rumble for glory, bragging rights, and a truly sick jacket. After years of fierce battles on the Rift, storied rivalries emerged in every bracket, Bronze to Diamond. In this short documentary, we pull back the curtain on two disciplines destined to clash in an epic showdown: Finance vs Esports.
4 weeks ago

/dev: On League’s Business Model

How does Riot think about making money?
4 weeks ago

Warwick Update Now Live

The wolfman just got a hell of a lot scarier. Warwick's update is now live.
4 weeks ago

Inside Warwick development

Larry “The Bravo Ray” Ray, Brad “certainlyT” Wenban, and David “Interlocutioner” Slagle share behind-the-scenes stories on the development of Warwick.
4 weeks ago

Patch 7.2 Notes

Continuing work on carry-over balance issues from last year while running from new Warwick.
4 weeks ago

College teams to keep an eye on!

The competitive college season has just begun, but here are a few teams you’ll want to watch!
1 month ago