Celebrate the 2014 season with LCS summoner icons!

Celebrate the 2014 season by unlocking permanent NA and EU summoner icons! Show your support for your favorite team as they charge through the Spring Split, crush the competition and climb their way to the top.
2 months ago

2014 season ranked play begins

The ranked ladder has reset as we kick off the 2014 season.
3 months ago

The LCS 2014 Season approaches!

The 2014 Season is coming, and we're kicking it off in style!
3 months ago

One World Championship, 32 million viewers

You joined more than 32 million people at home, local bars and dedicated viewing parties to watch SK Telecom T1 claim the Summoner's Cup in front of a sold out Staples Center.
5 months ago

Ranked play info and FAQ for the preseason

Wondering why your Season 3 stats haven't been reset this preseason? We're planning a ranked reset for the start of the 2014 season. Here’s why.
5 months ago

2014 World Championship heads to South Korea

With the preseason about to kick off, we're ready to announce that the 2014 World Championship will be held in South Korea.
5 months ago