Lunar Revel bundles & Legacy skins

Honor the past and celebrate the future with Lunar Revel bundles and Legacy skins.
3 days ago

2017 Season Kickoff Sale!

Get ready for a new season of hard-fought battles and new challenges with the 2017 Season Kickoff Sale!
1 month ago

Are you Fire or Ice?

Are you a burning hot flame ready to smoke out your opponents or is your style more of an icy touch that will freeze the heat out of your enemies? Show your support of your favorite pros during the 2016 All-Star Event on the Rift.
1 month ago

It’s time for November bundles!

November bundles are here for a limited time.
2 months ago

Twitch’s splash has mutated

Smell that? Twitch has updated splash art.
2 months ago

It’s time for October bundles!

October bundles are here for a limited time.
3 months ago

Worlds 2016 Hits The Rift

Celebrate the 2016 World Championship on the Rift with bigger and better in-game goodies including team emotes, new Championship skins, and more.
3 months ago

It’s time for September bundles!

September bundles are here for a limited time.
4 months ago

En garde! Fiora Splash Update

Rise to the challenge with updated Fiora splash art.
4 months ago

Sion Splash Reborn

Wage bloody war with updated Sion splash art.
5 months ago