The scent calls. The hunger compels.

Alchemical abominations are nothing new to Zaun, but Warwick is a breed of his own. New story on Universe!
10 hours ago

Champion Update: Warwick

With feet pounding Zaun’s stone streets, Warwick’s prey flees in desperation. The scent of blood hangs in the air, guiding the beast to his quarry. All efforts to escape are in vain. In a flash of gore-soaked fur, Warwick strikes—and his target is dead in an instant. One vermin down, many more to go.
1 week ago

Warwick: The Wrath of Zaun | Champion Teaser

In Zaun’s Gray-filled streets, the criminal underworld is hunted by an engineered beast.
1 week ago

In Her Element: Creating the Ultimate Lux Login Screen

A look at how artists made League’s first animated portrait.
3 weeks ago

Into the Abyss: Developing Dark Star Thresh

A Legendary is born.
3 weeks ago

Aurelion Sol: Cosmic Drift

We can’t be in traffic. He’s a celestial dragon.
3 weeks ago

Camille Community Creations

With Camille’s release, we’re celebrating some of the awesome community creations inspired by the Steel Shadow.
1 month ago

Elementalist Lux cosplay showcase

Cosplayers across the globe teamed up to tackle all ten of Elementalist Lux’s forms. Check it out here!
1 month ago

Unlock the Elementalist border while you can

The time to pick up the Elemental Origin border and Elementalist Icon is almost up.
1 month ago

Inside Camille development

Riot Jag, Hdot, and Thermal Kitten share the behind-the-scenes story on the development of Camille.
1 month ago