Carman Lam, Champion Organizer

We interview UBC’s Carman Lam about how she balanced running an esports organization with her school work.
2 months ago

ALL Chat | Dash Gets Dunked at the NACC Finals!

We head to the NACC Finals to hang with players, interview the collegiate trophy’s creator Volpin Props, chat with UBC’s Carman Lam and watch all the action!
2 months ago

Best College NA?

This weekend the best college teams from across NA collide to decide who among them will take home thousands in scholarships and the title of North American Collegiate Championship.
4 months ago

1,600 steps to the NACC finals

Over the last 8 months, college students formed over 1,600 teams to duke it out during the 2015 North American Collegiate Championship (NACC), and we’ve chronicled them all right here. Find your school’s place in history.
4 months ago

NACC Spotlight - The West

Spotlight of the West - one of the four regions participating in the NACC Finals!
5 months ago

Rally Your College for the 2015 NACC!

Grab some friends, rally a team, and have some fun competing in the 2015 North American Collegiate Championships.
7 months ago

The NACC is back for 2015!

The competitive collegiate season is upon us! Rally your team, represent your school, rule your region, and rise to the top!
11 months ago

The beginnings of League’s first varsity team

For the first time ever, a North American university is officially adding League of Legends to its athletic program and building a team to compete in next year’s North American Collegiate Championship!
1 year ago

Collegiate Game Changers: UT Austin

UT Austin demonstrates excellence with their ability to grow a massive community, throw the largest annual League of Legends collegiate spectacle and make history with the first-ever live collegiate national championship.
2 years ago

Collegiate Game Changers: Georgia Tech

Known as Georgia Tech League of Legends, this collegiate organization has grown a massive community both in the university and around their region through collaboration with local schools, annual conventions and a home-grown national shoutcasting community.
2 years ago