One For All heads back to the FGM workshop

After two weeks of five copy frenzy, it’s time to bench the penta-Kench and send One For All back into the Featured Game Mode workshop. We’ll continue to tweak and tinker until the next featured game mode, so thanks for playing, and we’ll see you on the battlefields!
3 months ago

One For All will soon return to the workshop

Thirty sphere Syndra ults and wild Lux laser light shows will head back into the Featured Game Mode workshop soon. If you’re looking to get in a game with a five-pack of your favorite champion, make sure to hit up the One For All queue before October 26 at 2 AM PDT. Thanks for playing, and we’ll see you on the battlefield!
3 months ago

Spin, spin, spin, spin, spin to win: One For All returns

Over the next few weeks, head to the Rift for 5v5 One For All madness. Jump into game using the same champion as your allies, as you battle through the chaos to shatter the enemy nexus.
4 months ago

Hexakill heads back to the FGM workshop

It’s a wrap! After watching you guys crush each other in Hexakill’s second run on Twisted Treeline, we’re pulling the mode back off live for more testing and tweaking. Thanks for playing - we’ll be back with more Featured Game Mode news soon!
8 months ago

Get your Hexakills in while you can!

The end is coming! After cavorting around Twisted Treeline for a couple of weeks, it’s almost time for us to pull the Hexakill Featured Game Mode back into the workshop. Get a game going NOW if you want to pull off the hexiest of multikills!
8 months ago

The Poro King has chosen!

Phreak and Riv dove for cover behind the casting desk as two teams of pro players lobbed poros at each other! Why, you ask? They were trying out the Legend of the Poro King Featured Game Mode, of course - check out the fluffy carnage here!
1 year ago

Legend of the Poro King Q&A 12/19!

Some of the guys from the Featured Game Mode team are tobogganing in for a Legend of the Poro King Q&A session at 11am PST on December 19! Come armed with questions, feedback and snowballs. Wait. No. Not snowballs. We’re on the internet.
1 year ago

Watch pros take on the Legend of the Poro King!

Two pro teams are lobbing poros at each other on the Howling Abyss RIGHT NOW. Click here to witness the cutest carnage in the history of League.
1 year ago

Pros ready to take on the Legend of the Poro King!

Phreak’s preparing his puns. Riv’s almost done grooming his awesome beard. The LCS pros are fiddling with their hand warmers. Things are about to get real. Real fluffy.
1 year ago

Legend of the Poro King: Trailer

The poros trained all year for this.
1 year ago