Doom Bots Q&A 7.23 2PM PST

Rioters hosted a Q&A session for the Doom Bots of Doom! Check out the responses here!
15 hours ago

Doom Bots Q&A 7.23 2PM PST

The team responsible for unleashing the doomiest bots ever is hosting a Q&A session. Come armed with your game mode questions and ideas! Oh, and if you have any horror stories to share with them about your slaughter at the hands of the Doom Bots, please share them! The team feeds on your tears.
1 day ago

The Doom Bots of Doom are coming!

We’ve souped up the bots to DOOM levels, giving them mind-melting abilities that’ll blow you away!
1 week ago

One For All: Mirror Mode returns to the workshop

One For All: Mirror Mode returns to the Featured Gameplay Mode workshop but it’s left behind plenty of memories.
1 month ago

One For All: Mirror Mode ending soon

Hop in and experience a conga line of Rocket Grabs across Howling Abyss before it goes back into the workshop!
1 month ago

One For All: Mirror Mode is live!

From now through June 8, experience the chaos of ten players, one champ and one lane.
1 month ago

One For All is back with a twist!

We’ve moved the action to the Howling Abyss and changed the rules so players on both teams clash with the same champ. Soon you can really play pinball with Monsoons, dodgeball with Dark Spheres or hide-and-seek with ten times the Noxious Traps.
1 month ago

Ultra Rapid Fire bows out

Like a manatee waving a spatula from afar, Ultra Rapid Fire is saying sayonara. U.R.F. was meant to be a joke, but the community’s response has been anything but silly, so goodbyes need not be final.
3 months ago

The Ultra Rapid Fire future

Learn more about the future of League of Legends.
3 months ago

Hexakill has returned to the workshop

Players experimented with team comps, discovered new metas and made montage-worthy plays throughout Hexakill. But, like Blitzcrank after one too many Tidal Waves, it’s time to return Hexakill to the workshop.
4 months ago