Positive play icon unlocked

When 5.18 dropped, we powered up the instant feedback system and shared that positive players would earn an exclusive Summoner Icon. If you met the requirements (no restrictions or bans 6/15–9/15), your icon should be unlocked right now.
1 month ago

Welcome to the Worlds Shop

Gear up for the 2015 World Championship with the Worlds Shop, an in-game hub loaded with Icons, Wards, bundles, sales, and a new Championship skin.
1 month ago

Jungle icons invade the store

Baron? Whatever. Dragon? Boring. Sure, those dudes are big and brutal. But what about the unsung heroes of the jungle? We’re talking jungle monsters: Murkwolves, Raptors, Krugs, and the dreaded Rift Scuttler.
2 months ago

Heat things up with the Dragon icon

Pick up the new Dragon icon and let everyone who views your profile know who’s the real final boss of Summoner’s Rift (hint: it’s the player with the terrifying dragon on their profile [additional hint: you]).
3 months ago

Domination and rotations: LCK team icons

Whether you think Korea will be able to repeat their 2014 Worlds victory and take home the coveted Summoner’s Cup again or you just love watching the LCK, you can unlock all 10 team icons in the 2015 LCK Icons Bundle.
4 months ago

Snag Mystery Icons and Mystery Wards!

We’re beefing up our arsenal of Mystery Boxes with icons and wards. Roll the dice and collect some of your favorites or send a Mystery ward/icon to your friends!
4 months ago

Support international teams with IWC bundles

Support your favorite IWC teams with these new esports League icon bundles including teams from Latin America, Brazil, Turkey, CIS, and Oceania.
5 months ago

Celebrate Summer Split with LCS team icons

Celebrate the start of the Summer Split and support your favorite LCS team by unlocking a team icon.
6 months ago

Display your jungle dominance with Gromp

We launched a new icon featuring SR’s favorite mushroom-loving, jungler-eating monster. That’s right: Gromp.
6 months ago

Grab your favorite LCS team icon before it’s gone

The 2015 LCS Spring Split has come to a close. We’re doing some shopkeeping and taking down the NA and EU LCS Spring Split team icons on May 8.
6 months ago